Are You Guilty of Beauty Hoarding

I often wonder about other beauty enthusiasts habits? Not those of experts, teachers nor make up artists but the average person who happens to have a passion and flair, for all things beauty related. I grew up with friends who didn't (and still don't) quite share my enthusiasm for the beauty halls, nor a beautifully packaged lipstick and with my sister's only just teetering into the world of beauty, I have often felt like the odd one out. Not in a lonely, sad way but rather in an overzealous come hoarder sense.

Admittedly I do have more blushes than I could ever use, the same applies for foundation, mascara and just about every beauty product you could imagine. Please don't take this as bragging, at this point (four years into blogging) I would say I purchase as much, if not more than I am sent - it is probably an unwritten rule not to talk about this but I'm feeling particularly rebellious today. If I didn't run a beauty blog, I can almost definitely guarantee you that my beauty shopping habits would most likely be similar. It is not the spending I take issue with; if you can afford it why not, there are far worse things to spend money and time on, it is my need to cling on to certain products for no real reason.

Are You Guilty of Beauty Hoarding

You see I worry that I will regret letting that only once used coral blush go, despite the fact I could most definitely purchase an almost identical shade on any beauty counter should I need to - or of course route through my stash and probably stumble across a dupe or ten. Forgetting sheer volume of products I also tend to purchase variants of the same shade of lipstick over various brands. How many mid-nude pink lipsticks does one girl need? If my lipstick storage is anything to go by, at least twenty. Utterly stupid and a habit I really should break. I weirdly take pride in the fact that I dispose of all outer make up packaging - a small victory I guess...or maybe not.

Every now and then I will clear out and pass on products to others and of course have the odd blog sale but I'm not nearly as ruthless as I should be. I hasten to add that I don't allow products to spoil, as soon as a product changes in texture, fragrance or consistency it is disposed off - ain't nobody got time for an eye infection or worse. Other than that? Well I'm slowly loosing the battle against the invasion of make-up in my tiny, 2 bed flat and secretly I wouldn't have it any other way. Did I mention I love beauty products?

So tell me, are you a beauty hoarder - afraid to let go of that bright, chalky pink lipstick you know doesn't look good on you (MAC Viva Glam Nicki anyone?), or are you utterly ruthless and only hold on to the essentials. If so teach me your ways!