A Few Candle Care Tips

Now that it is Autumn, you may be tempted to snuggle up on the sofa with a warm mug of cocoa or tea, a blanket and maybe even a delightfully scented candle or two? With candles not exactly being the cheapest method to scent your home, you will want to do all in your power to prolong their lifespan. With that in mind I have gathered up all my favourite tips and pointers, to ensure that you can avoid having to wave goodbye to your beloved candle prematurely.

Did you know that a lot like perfume candles (and all wax based fragrances) can be altered by direct sunlight? Harsh light can not only weaken the scent but spoil it too - the last thing you want when you splash out a pricey candle. For that reason you should store your candles somewhere dry and dark when not in use.

Before burning your candle trim the wick to as close to 1cm as possible, you should do this each and every time, be it a new candle or otherwise. This will prevent soot from forming within the candle or on the walls/ceiling.

When burning a candle for the first time, allow for around two hours of burning time (or until the wax has fully melted, evenly on top) before extinguishing. This prevents the candle from tunnelling and results in a longer candle life span. 

- Speaking of wax pools (doesn't that sound like a spa treatment?), attempt to keep yours clear from debris (dust, disregarded pieces of wick and so forth) to prevent fire hazards from happening. I realise it sounds strange and dramatic but it has happened in the past - at one point I nearly lost an eyebrow. Learn from my mistakes people ha! 

- While we are on the topic of fire hazards, do not light your candle near any loose fabrics such as curtains and bed linens. In the same vain it is less than ideal to place a lit candle in the path of a draft or breeze.

- Some candles won't burn clean and may produce an annoying black soot, for that reason alone I don't burn my candles too close to a wall as it is a nightmare to clean up afterwards. 

- I'm sure this is common sense but do not attempt to move a lit candle, especially if said candle is housed inside a glass container. It will retain heat and it will burn your hand.

- Another non-brainer is to of course place lit candles not only out of the reach of children and pets but to avoid places they will be knocked over easily in general. In the same vain do not leave a lit candle unattended ever, and I mean ever.

- Lastly to dispel any old wives tales, freezing your candle before burning will not extend the life.Yes it will burn a little slower to begin with (we are talking a few minutes at the most) but due to the heat of the wick, it will quickly heat up and burn as normal. The only time I freeze a candle is to remove any left over wax (it makes the job ten times easier) when cleaning to re-purpose the glass jar.