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5 Luxury Bath and Body Brands to Try

5 Luxury Bath and Body Brands to Try

The Autumn and Winter seasons tend to be when I am most tempted to run a deep, bubble bath, dig out all those expensive candles I've been stashing away for a rainy day and take a few moments to fully relax and unwind. I believe (when budget allows of course - pay those bills and fill that fridge) that every now and then, we all deserve a little treat; a product more indulgent than your everyday shower gel or bubble bath. If you are looking to splurge any time soon here are "five expensive yet worth every penny" brands to book mark or aim to try in the future...

5 Luxury Bath and Body Brands to Try

Jo Malone
Jo Malone is perhaps best known for their incredible colognes and candles, yes Jo Malone do fragrance exceptionally well but don't overlook their bath and body range. I have tried several Jo Malone bath and body treats and have yet to be disappointed; from luxurious, deeply cleansing oils to indulgent whipped body moisturisers to high performance body scrubs - there is nothing this brand can not conquer. As you may have hoped the entire collection of bath and body ranges are scented with the brand's best loved fragrances (great for fragrance layering). If I could recommend two products to try it would be: Jo Malone Shower Oil and Jo Malone Bath Oil - choosing the scent is the tricky part as they are all truly delightful.

Luxury doesn't always equate to a hefty price tag, one of the most indulgent products within my shower has to be my collection of Rituals Shower Foams. Much like Jo Malone et al Rituals offer several great fragrances, many of which rely on aromatherapy techniques to soothe, calm and boost your mood. As you'd expect from a shower cleanser of any type this of course leaves the skin squeaky clean and due to the foam texture it doubles up as a protective barrier for shaving your legs. If showering products aren't quite your thing, rest assure that Rituals also offer wonderful body creams, shower oils and much, much more - as a side note their Scared Fire candle is a Winter/Festive must have.

5 Luxury Bath and Body Brands to Try

Molton Brown
Another brand in which I could wax lyrical about their delightful shower gels, rather I am going to point you in the direction of their intensive yet gentle body scrubs (and then patiently wait for my thank you note in the post ha!). Much like the other brands mentioned above the fragrances are utterly divine and may I say a little more unusual than your typical bath and body ranges. If you are ever in need of a luxurious pick me up this is the brand to try. I also find that Molton Brown items go down well as gifts for both men and women

Aromatherapy Associates
One word - bath oils, if you have yet to sample an Aromatherapy Associates bath oil, I hate to say it but you are missing out. They are unbeatable. As the name would suggest, the brand specialise in blending aromatherapy based scents to enhance various states of mind, relax, soothe and some instances de-congest. The thick oil, gently softens the water and your skin, fills the room with an enticing aroma. In my opinion this is the last word in luxurious bathing and come the depths of Winter you will be glad you splurged on a bottle of bath me.

Perhaps a sneaky addition onto the list and a brand you most likely associate with skin care? As stellar as Origins facial masks may be, I also have a soft spot for the brands Ginger Collection - namely, the hard working body scrub. The fragrance is incredible and perfect for all seasons. Another product that Origins do exceptionally well is body washes- you wouldn't expect anything less if you have ever experienced one of their cleansers. At the moment I am using the yet to be launched Origins Salt Suds Sea Body Wash which blends sea salt and the uplifting fragrance of mint, for an invigorating wake up call daily. One word - heavenly.

What is your go to luxury brand?


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  1. I love molton brown for their scents, so yummy! It's all about a warm bath and a good dose of aromatherapy, that's what i need on these winter nights!

  2. I love bodhi&birch...really have to try their amazing body scrub. Review here :-). A must try!


  3. I really want to try the Jo Malone range, I have told myself when we buy our own home with a bath (I only have a shower just now) this will be the moving in present to myself :)

    In the mean time I have been eyeing up the Champney's "Little pick me up" and their other shower mouses, they look lovely and smell amazing. Still only £6-8 but compared to my usual £1 showergel its a big jump lol

  4. I feel lush can be luxury at the price of some of their products, plus I love aromatherapy associates!

    Emily x

  5. I love Rituals, their Hammam range is so invigorating! Really need to try some Jo Malone and AA products :)

    Lauren x
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  6. I so want to try some of the jo Malone bath products but they are so expensive!
    Coleoftheball xx

  7. Rituals is an amazing brand. I'm jealous that the UK has the more affordable brand Sanctuary as well

  8. Jo Malone is THE brand that I want to try out so badly. Maybe ask for some things to try for Christmas! We mostly hear about the perfumes and candles, but I'll believe you about their bath and body products ;)
    I'd add Laura Mercier to this list, apparently their body soufflé body butters are amazing!

    Julia xx
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  9. I've always wanted to try Jo Malone! I heard they have really nice scents x

  10. Jo Malone Perfumes are amazing, but like you said, their body products are absolutely divine. I also, particularly like Caudalie's Dvine Oil Scrub, which isn't a scratchy body exfoliator at all. And I have been wanting to try Laura Mercier's body products as well. Great suggestions!
    xx Melody :

  11. Stunning photography oh my god!

  12. Dying to try Jo Malone. soon! x

  13. I absolutely need to try that body scrub! It looks so luxurious!! Jo Malone products are so amazing I definitely need to try those products :)

  14. I absolutely do want to try a Jo Malone bath oil, they just look so amazing x

  15. My go to brand is Chanel


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