Nails Inc Baker Street Dupes

I have mentioned that I am swapping to Vegan nail polish brands and that stance remains true, any new nail polish I purchase will be Vegan but until then I do have a lot of sorting and de-cluttering to be getting on with. While clearing out my nail polish stash, I noticed I own an abundance of cobalt blue polishes, all of which steam from my love for Nails Inc Baker Street - the most perfect blue hue ever. As a matter of a fact I have six out right dupes for such shade (not all are Vegan), with one near miss. If you love the bright, almost neon blue tone of Nails Inc Baker Street Nail Polish but not so much the £15 price tag, let me help you out..

Nails Inc Baker Street Dupes

Look at the above photo, could you honestly tell me which one is Nails Inc Baker Street? I highly doubt it. You could easily point out which one is not - the far right which is a smidgen too deep to be a true dupe, otherwise I'm guessing you are stumped. Good - that's exactly what a great dupe should be, difficult to spot and as close a match to the original shade and formula as possible.

Nails Inc Baker Street Dupes

The six dupes are:

Bourjois La Lacque Nail Enamel in 11 Only Bluuuue (£6.49) - a thick, easy to apply high sheen formula that is often opaque in one quick coat. The design of the brush makes this polish a breeze to apply. The only downside is that I do find it chips fairly quickly but a good top coat should remedy that.

Mavala Nail Colour Cream in 103 Cobalt Blue (£4.50) - the dinky size of this bottle makes it ideal for travel or for those, like myself who never quite finish a bottle of nail polish. Admittedly the formulation isn't the best - a little thin and slow to dry but the shade is identical to Baker Street and the size does come in handy.

NYC Nail Polish in Staten Island Blue (£1.79) and Hudson Breeze (£2.49) - rather naughtily NYC seem to have the same nail polish shade in two lines but with two different shade names. One promises long wear, the other a highly glossy finish - I personally can find no differences between the two formulations. Both are thin, quick to dry, glossy and wear well. The good news is with having two options it can make that trip to Superdrug, in the quest for a bright blue polish a little easier.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in 440 Wild Card (£6.99) - the closest non-cure formulation you will find to a "real" gel manicure. When used with the Revlon Gel Envy Top Coat not only do you gain a glossy, salon like finish but it will not chip or lift for at least five days. Truthfully I would say forgo Nails Inc Baker Street and invest in the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy line, the formulation is far superior and the shade is identical.

Seventeen Gel Colour in Hurricane (£3.99) - a great all rounder, not only is it affordable but the formulation and brush are wonderful. A large fan brush, quickly coats the nails with ease and thin texture dries in seconds. Two quick coats and you have wonderfully blue, shiny nails that will wear for around three-four days chip free.

Nails Inc Baker Street Dupes

Now for the miss - Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer in Glazed Cobalt (£7.99), a wonderful formula - thick yet not overly so, quick to dry and once set it offers a beautifully glossy finish. Sadly the overall shade is a little too deep, to be a true dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street but if you enjoy deeper cobalt blues it is one to try. In the same vain Essie Butler Please (not photographed) is another, slightly more intense cobalt blue polish I highly recommend.

If only duping other beauty products was this easy...