Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes Review

Erborian is a brand I'm not overly familiar with but what I have tried I've been nothing but impressed with. Rather interestingly Erborian is a fusion of traditional South Korean beauty remedies, coupled with French luxury. What also adds to the brands uniqueness is that Erborian uses natural science and proven ingredients to create unique formulas that are gentle yet effective. I have been trying out two of the newer cleansing additions, both of which have been inspired by the Korean triple cleansing regime (also referred to as the 1-2-3 Detox Ritual).

Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes Review

If like myself you've only just wrapped your head around double cleansing, worry not triple cleansing isn't complicated nor a daunting task. In essence Erborian define triple cleansing as combing an oil based cleanser with a water based cleanser (or exfoliant product) and employing the services of either a Konjac sponge or Bamboo Fibre Cloth. I'll level and say that is not a technique that I use daily, rather it is something I reserve for when I have a full, thick face of make-up and want to ensure every scrap is gone. Otherwise it is two rounds with the same cleanser (more often than not a balm or oil based option) and a muslin cloth, job done. If the 1-2-3 Detox Ritual intrigues you let me share my thoughts on Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes - easily the star of the show.

Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes Review

Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes is what I would describe as an almost gel come balm cleanser; a thick yet soft and easy to melt texture that glides onto the skin and quickly dissolves all traces of make up. As with most cleansers of this nature when combined with water it emulsifies for a deeper cleanse. The beauty of this product is that it not only features a stellar list of ingredients (more on that below) but it truly does feel luxurious both on the skin and the effects after use. The almost oily texture gently hydrates even the driest of complexions, all without leaving behind any tacky residue nor overwhelming the skin (even oily complexions) - along with removing make up, dirt and grime it leaves the skin feeling comforted and soothed. 

Now for the ingredients, being a fusion of Korean and French skin care ideals you'd expect nothing but the best? Luckily that is very much the case with Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes, it contains seven herbs (the name somewhat gives that away) to target very specific skin concerns: Tiger grass, a natural anti-inflammatory that may promote the healing of the skin - i.e it will reduce the redness within a blemish and may help it to clear up quicker. In the same vain there is Japanese Knotweed which reduces pain within the skin and again may speed up the skins natural healing process. This is along with Rosemary to reduce the visible signs of stress, as well as boasting antioxidant properties to protect against environmental damage. For dry skin needs there is Wild Chamomile to gently soothe and repairs dry/easily irritated complexions. To prevent and treat hyperpigmentation such as dark spots, the cleanser features a blend of Licorice and Skullcap. Lastly to repair and prevent future UVB damage we have the addition of Green Tea.

The triple cleansing concept aside (I'm still getting to grips with the process) Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes is a great gentle yet effective cleanser that leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed all without drying out my skin or leaving it feeling tight. Yes it is a gel come balm formulation but it is breeze to remove, and due to such texture it does inject a little moisture for plump, comfortable yet refreshed and glowing skin. Overall this is a great cleanser for most if not all complexions and will be perfect for dried out Winter skin. 

Erborian Cleansing Crème Aux 7 Herbes £30/50ml via Erborian - link.

This post contains a press sample.