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20 Vegan Nail Polish Brands Available Within the UK

20 Vegan Nail Polish Brands Available Within the UK

Let me begin by saying I am not Vegan, that alone may make this list appear bizarre but hear me out. I don't paint my nails all that often, simply put I don't enjoy the process and hate the smell. The chemical aroma is oddly what has lead me to deciding that from here on out that Vegan nail polish is all that will grace my nails. Why? One word Formaldehyd, which happens to be a known carcinogen (a direct cause of cancer) is present within many nail polish brands. 

Now I know that there are many nail polish companies who are free from such toxins (commonly known as 5 free) but with so many great and affordable brands being entirely cruelty free, it is a switch I am more than happy to make. 

I have clobbered together a list of 20 entirely Vegan nail polish brands below - some may surprise you, as a matter of a fact more of your existing nail polish may be Vegan than not, especially. So without further ado...

20 Vegan Nail Polish Brands Available Within the UK

- Barry M
- Butter London
- China Glaze
- Ciate
- Color Club
- Cult Cosmetics
- Deborah Lippmann 
- e.l.f.
- Ella+Mila
- Javaca
- Julep
- Manic Panic
- Nubar
- SpaRitual
- Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
- Wet n wild
- Zoya

As I said above I am not Vegan so please feel free to correct me or add any nail polish brands/companies to this list. If you'd rather support more independent brands (indie) then I recommend heading over to Etsy. 

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  1. thank you for this awesome list although I'm not located in the UK it's still useful information. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. You should look into Little Ondine, UK brand with water-based nail polishes. I still haven't tried it myself but I've read many positive reviews about their nail polishes.

  3. I had no idea Barry M's nail polishes were vegan! Thanks for making this list!

    Troves and Roses

  4. This is brilliant! I'm vegan but more focused on the food side of it, however recently I've wanted more natural beauty to help and nourish my skin, so to hear more about vegan beauty brands is awesome!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  5. I have recently been transitioning into a vegan lifestyle, the food side is pretty easy however I am finding the beauty side rather hard. This is such a great post, thanks.

    Beth x

  6. I'm always on the look for vegan nail polish, so this post is really helpful, thanks for sharing! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  7. Thanks for writing this! I know lots of people it will be really useful for! Great Post!

  8. As far as indies go, Rainbow Connection is a great site to get involved in.

  9. I didn't know so many brands made vegan nail polishes, especially Barry M! They're an even greater value for money then when we consider that. Thanks, this post is really informative!

    Julia xx
    Have a look at my Barcelona photo diary right here:

  10. greta article, It really helps to know which brands are more condiderate when it comes to ingredients. Quite surprised about Barry M. Someone knows if all of their products are vegan?

    Soléna x | Not A Big Writer

    1. Barry M does have info on their site,no not all but lots!

  11. I'm surprised about Barry M, I never knew they were vegan! Guess you learn something new everyday ;) Great post! x

    Charlotte ~

  12. thanks for sharing these! I'd never thought about searching on Etsy for polish but that's a really good idea!


    1. Thank you that was a really interesting read and I signed the pledge too :)

  14. Some of these have surprised me actually, I thought it tended to be the more indie or lesser known brands that's were vegan rather than brands like Barry M and Ciate. I believe Soigne and Little Ondine could be added to this list x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  15. Awesome to see so many vegan nail polish brands! However Butter London's regular nail polish are not vegan... their Patent Shine 10X nail polish are along with a few of their cuticle oils and top coats =) Here's a complete list of their vegan-friendly products:

  16. Just because a nail polish is vegan does that also mean they are 'cruelty free' and have not been tested on animals too????

    Shelley @ ShellAllure Aesthetics


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