Making Time for You

We live in an age of technology and constantly being on the go, it is exhausting both physically and mentally. Like most I don't walk, I rush from one place to the next, stress about work, life, health and very seldom take the time to unwind. As important as it is to succeed and do the best we can in all aspects of our day to day life, it is equally if not more crucial to have the ability to take five minutes and breathe. If like myself that is a case of easier said than done, let me share a few simple and easy tips to unwind - no fancy Yoga positions needed (as a side note, I do wish I had the patience for Yoga).

Paint Your Nails
Oh I know, how vapid of me but it can be oddly calming - as you are concentrating on the task at hand (no pun intended) it somewhat encourages you to switch off and forget about everything else. Ask yourself if you have ever been stressed at the nail salon? No me neither but instead of leaving the house, pop on some chilled out music, comfy pj's and treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Those twenty or so minutes may be enough time to recharge and gain a new perspective on whatever is troubling you; your nails will also look wonderful to boot.

Essential Oils
I bet you thought I'd recommend a candle? Well if you find that to be relaxing by all means go ahead and dust off your favourite scent; rather I rate essential oils to unwind. My top three scents to unwind with are: Vanilla, Lavender and Chamomile - all of which have been proven to work well individually or blended together. The great thing about essential oils is that they can be used in an oil burner to scent a room, mixed with a carrier oil (almond or coconut are great for this) to create a massage oil or an indulgent bath treat. If you are having trouble focusing, relaxing or are feeling a little tightly wound may I suggest sprinkling a little Lavender Oil onto a handkerchief and inhaling. It's a great way to create a little calm, oasis even on the go.

Making Time for You

Dig Out a Face Mask
Other than wet nail polish, there's nothing quite like a face mask to render me useless - I don't want to laugh, talk or move through fear of the mask cracking or dripping on the floor. Something I have recently learned to do is to make the most of this time, find a comfy spot, lie back and switch off all technology. Enjoy the silence, think about nothing and everything but be sure to use those 10 minutes to give yourself a much needed break. For an added element of bliss, why not combine a face mask with a warm bath - what better way to ease both the body and mind?

Have a Nap
If you are tired, overwhelmed or simply not feeling your best there is no way you can preform whatever tasks you have planned for the day. I completely understand that not all of us can stop and nap throughout the day but if you can it is the best way to re-charge and keep the brain sharp. It can increase both mental sharpness and alertness in as little as six minutes and who doesn't enjoy a quick snooze? Another way to keep the mind active and improve productivity is of course read; find a gripping book and enjoy a few chapters on your commute to and from work - you may just find it helps you to to be more mentally alert throughout the day. This article by Legal & General contains great advice and more tips on brain exercises and how it may affect our general well being - link.

If you have any other tips on how to unwind and make a little time each evening or week for yourself at home do let me know.

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