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For Sensitive Eyes Only

Skin Care Products for Sensitive Eyes

I know only too well the pain of sensitive eyes; the watering, the irritability, the bloodshot effect and of course the the smudged eye make up. From the months of March to late August I tend wear minimal eye make up and hide behind large sunglasses, thanks an allergy to pollen. The up side is that through no other choice, I have become fairly knowledgeable about products that suit sensitive eye needs. If you have sensitive eyes, pollen allergies or not, I have four products you may want to try.

Skin Care Products for Sensitive Eyes

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel 
Not only is this a complete bargain at £1.50 but it cools, calms, soothes and de-puffs sensitive eyes without irritation. Yes it is cucumber scented but not overly so, it doesn't sting nor cause my eyes to stream. As it is a gel, it is gentle yet effectively removes all traces of eye make up without tugging or pulling at the eye area. Sensitive eyes or not, this is one I believe everyone who can, should try this at least once. Despite being a low cost item (packaging aside), this does feel rather luxurious on the skin - the cooling gel base also makes it ideal for Summer. You can find it here - link.

Now this is a clever little product, not only has this soft yet hydrating, gel come cream moisturiser been created for sensitive eyes (this includes contact lens wearers) but it helps prevent irritants from entering the eye too. As you may know part of the problem with irritated eyes is due to a foreign body be it dust, pollen or otherwise entering the eye. This cream gently traps microscopic particles (where it can) of dirt etc where it can, thus minimising the problem. As an added bonus The Body Shop Aloe Eye Defence also aids repair signs of stress on the skin too - ie from rubbing the area and of course general ageing. As I said, it both smart and innovative. You can find it here for £12 - link.

For a moment let's forget about sensitive eyes; everyone should own a cooling eye gel to of course cool, calm, de-stress and de-puff tired eyes. No other quite does the job (in my humble opinion of course), quite like Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll On for Puffy Eyes. The gentle hydrating gel, combined with the cooling metal roller ball applicator gently massages the eye area, reducing puffiness and thanks to the active ingredient - Hoelen Mushroom Extract, it also reduces any signs of redness. When the pollen count is high, or I have spent too long in front of a computer screen instead of sleeping this is my saving grace. The gentle formula hydrates without overwhelming, doesn't sting or irritate, all the while being quickly absorbed by the skin. Your office drawer and/or bedside table demands a tube of this. You can find it here £21.60 - link.

All of the above products are fine and dandy when at home but what about when you are on the go? I've been caught out several times; one minute I'm waiting on a train the next I'm a sneezing mess with mascara half way down my face, complete with itching eye balls that just won't ease up. My remedy? A quick spray or two of Optrex Actimist Eye Spray for Dry and Irritated Eyes, yes at just over £15 a bottle it may seem pricey but it does stop irritation dead in its tracks. The beauty of this product is you apply over closed eye lids so there is no mess, nor the problem of plucking up the courage to administer eye drops. As an added bonus this also rehydrates dry eyes - great if like myself you have been known to spend too long in front of a computer screen. You can find it here for £15.99 - link.

If you have any other skin care recommendations for easily irritated and/or sensitive eyes do let me know; look out for part two of this post, in which I will share my top eye make up picks for sensitive eyes in the coming days.
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  1. I need to try just about all of these. My eyes lately during ragweed season are SO swollen/puffy/itchy/red!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  2. The Body Shop aloe eye defence sounds incredible!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  3. I only tend to get sensitivity during the summer i think it must be due to the pollen as i do get a bit of hayfever i like the idea of the origins no puffery looks like it would be really useful

  4. Ah, yet another Body Shop product I need to get my hands on...

    Emma //

  5. As I have generally sensitive skin, I tend to go easy on product. The only product I use on my eyes is Garnier Light Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream and concealer.

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

  6. I really like the Boots Cucumber eye make up remover! I don't find it that effective at removing my waterproof mascara but I love using it in the morning as a cooling gel over my eyes and it removes any eye makeup I haven't got off the night before!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  7. Oh my goodness I need ALLOFTHIS. Thank you!!

  8. The cooling eye roll on sounds like a great product. I feel refreshed just thinking about it!

  9. That Origins eye rollerball sounds so soothing. I have heard that the massaging action of a rollerball is supposed to be really good for undereyes.

    Rachel |

  10. This has just reminded me I need to stock up on a few essentials for my sensitive eyes.

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s | | I n s t a g r a m |


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