Beyonce x Flash Tat Collection

I have tattoos, quite a few actually - some I love, some not so much and where born in a moment of ill judgement. Beyonce has tattoos, well a tattoo at least (her wedding date on her finger I believe) and that is where the comparison between me and Mrs Carter ends. You don't need me to tell you that metallic and temporary flash tattoos are everywhere and one celebrity leading such trend is of course Beyonce. If you are a multi-platinum selling artist, not just any temporary tattoo will do; you need gold, you need silver and you need your own custom designs. That is exactly what Beyonce has done, go big or go home.

Beyonce has teamed up with Flash Tattoos to co-design a line of metallic and black temporary tattoos based on song titles, previous designs she has seen sporting and a few nods to all things Beyonce (think Honeycomb, bees and oddly guns?). They are all fairly intricate, dare I say pretty and of course non-committal, which I sure will cause a number of Mother's to breathe a sigh or relief.

Truthfully I'm not a huge fan of the metallic tattoo trend, I do think they look beautiful on others but not so much on myself. It all boils down to the time when I was a kid set loose in the toy shop, I bought a multi-pack of temporary tattoos and pretty much covered myself head to toe. I thought I looked cool - almost like a Hell's Angel but it turns out that it is not the wisest thing to do on a Sunday night before school the next day. Neither my Mother nor teacher took kindly to my facial tattoos, temporary or otherwise - let me tell you scrubbing them off was no walk in the park.

What I will say is that I do think that Flash Tattoos are great in the reasoning, that anything that prevents someone from inking their body, with a random design they are not truly set on has to be a good thing right? Far from me to preach about ill choices but a real tattoo is for life, laser removal is expensive not to mention painful. Hey if Flash Tattoos are good enough for Beyonce (and I believe Rihanna and Chanel have also launched similar packs of wash on, wash off body art) they are good enough for us.

What are your thoughts on the current metallic body art trend - yay or nay?

You can find the Beyonce x Flash Tat Collection here for $28 - link.