Thursday, August 27, 2015

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

I'm a walking, talking, fully functioning blogging cliché - I love nothing more than white furniture, pretty flowers and neatly lining up all my MAC lipsticks, while my numerous candles flicker in the background. If that is wrong, I don't ever want to be right. I however have a few, less than perfect admissions, that will either surprise you or have you nodding along in agreement.

1, If I love or even regularly use a beauty product, there is a good chance that I have lost the lid. Where said lids go, no-one ever really knows. Perhaps they are nestled alongside my lost hair grips and have formed a little colony?

2, I sometimes over line my lips to comedy proportions when left to my own devices (and not leaving the comfort of my home of course) just for the LOLZ. I've also experimented with a moustache, goatee and one rainy afternoon a full beard...and you wonder why I don't have a Youtube channel.

3, I have excessive amounts of make up brushes so I don't have to subject myself to brush washing day.

4, I've been known to order foundation shades online with what can only be a YOLO (yeah I hate myself for typing that too), I'll make it work attitude. For the record it is not something I advise doing unless you really enjoying blending like your life depends on it.

5, I sometimes apply eye cream all over my face out of sheer laziness. When I'm in bed I get up for nothing. Nothing. I read somewhere that Beyonce does this nightly - something to do with the formula being more concentrated and having money to burn I believe. Miaow.

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

6, I screen grab other girls killer make up and hair looks on my phone for future reference. I often worry about what would happen if I lost my phone? A camera roll full of perfect strangers is pretty bizarre isn't it? Little bit...

7, I over apply fragrance, I like the world to smell me before they see me. I apologise wholeheartedly that I am that guy and at the same time I don't. Sorry not sorry.

8, I know it is terrible for my skin but I do rather enjoy squeezing blemishes and blackheads. Yes I am gross. Gross and scarred for my efforts.

9, Speaking of being gross (I am the gift that keeps on giving huh?), I will bite and pick at gel nails when they are attached to my hands. I almost see self removal as a personal challenge.

10, I enjoy nothing more than finger combing out knots within my hair. I feel so accomplished when I free the hairs from what can only be described as a mini dread lock. Not quite CV worthy, I'll give you that but utterly satisfying none the less.

Now over to you, 'fess up what "beauty sin" do you want to confess to?
I promise no penance is required.
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  1. When I'm in a rush and feeling a little lazy, I use [insert type] wipes to shave my legs *shameful*

  2. I love this, this made me smile on a rainy Thursday morning. I have a tendency to not moisturise my skin when I get out of the shower (face yes, but body...not so much). I also start picking at my nail varnish as soon as it chips, no one would even have noticed the small chip but I start full on peeling it all off which ends in a less than presentable manicure. I'm terrible with lipstick, I just can't get used to the feeling and when I wear it I literally sit around all day waiting to finally wipe it off (so pathetic, I love a good lipstick, I just can't wear it properly). And lastly, the weirdest of them all, I pull on my own eyebrows and lashes until some of them come off, I know it's kinda gross and weird but I just can't help it. Soz for over sharing, and thanks again for your tongue in cheek post Adrienne :)

    Marthe x

  3. Hahaha, totally agree about overdoing it with perfume and taking screenshots of a good make-up look!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  4. What a cute and funny post! (: I am a nail picker too. Once my polish chips, my itchy fingers syndrome is activated.

    X Min,

  5. Haha love how you have an excessive amount of brushes, so don't need to worry about washing them! Brilliant!

  6. Love this post! Really made me laugh. Nothing wrong about any of them.... ;) maybe...

  7. haha this made me laugh so much! I'm so guilty when it comes to a camera roll full of make up looks! xx
    lynn |

  8. I _WISH_ I had more make-up brushes so that I wouldn't have to feel guilty about not washing them as often as I should, particularly my foundation brush.

    I do not moisturise my body as often as I should but I moisturise my face twice a day.

    I have a folder on my phone of screengrabs of hair styles that I like to take to the hairdresser for inspiration.

    Great post!

  9. Good to know I'm not the only one who seems to enjoy popping zits and blackheads, lol.

    Erika //

  10. haha this was such a fun post. I like picking at my split ends so I guess you're not so bad xx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack

  11. Love this type of post, thanks for sharing :)

  12. Hahah so many of these I relate to! I have an entire roll of screenshotted makeup looks that I intend to try. Have never done a makeup beard before though.... hmm.... My biggest beauty sin is probably not washing my makeup brushes that often (borrinngggg).

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  13. This post was so hilarious! Total yes to #'s 3 and 7! My worst sin is not washing makeup off when I'm lazy which is TERRIBLE for my skin but sleep is sometimes way more important. YOLO right? LOL! XO -Kim

  14. We'll be needing to see those lip-liner photos, haha!

  15. Oh boy, I laughed so hard and nodded so much at this post! Definitely feel ya - I do (a lot of) somethings not worth telling but let's keep this between us: I love plucking my eyebrows so much I used to made a fool out of myself by cutting my eyebrows and a HUGE gap appears. Totally worth the lesson ;) Also, gonna take your post and link it to share with others x

  16. Same about the brushes. Washing them is such a pain in the arse.

  17. We're practically the same person! Hahaha :D
    I'm guilty of many of your confessions!!
    Sometimes I'll wear my lipstick on my cheeks cause I'm too lazy to go get a blush... Hahaha

    Xoxo Jessy

  18. hahaha this was fantastic! Loved every minute of reading this!

  19. Love this!
    I very regularly go to bed without taking my make up off and reapply the next morning over the top of the previous days...

  20. Love this! We all have our own little beauty secrets that we wouldn't want others to know about. Well done for being honest and leaving me with smile on my face, when I finished reading your post.

    Ang xx

  21. LOL I love this. I also have pictures of killer make up looks. Stored in an folder called pretty. If I ever get set up for stalking/serial killing - my phone will be evidence enough.

    I also have an album of wedding related pictures though I have no intention of getting married anytime soon. I really would hate to lose my phone!

    Tanzina | Makeup A to Z |

  22. I'm cracking up - solely for the fact that I relate to all of this. thank god [as a blogger] i am not alone. LMAO, p.s. I black out when people ask why I don't have a youtube channel. Pshhh, if only they knew!

  23. I enjoy squeezing blemishes too! So gross and disgusting yet so so soooo satisfying! Also I feel ya on the makeup brushes, cleaning them is a pain in the arse!

    Fi |

  24. Oh I would happily oversrpay my perfume, I want everyone to smell my lovely scent! And even though it is bad, getting the gunk out your skin feels so good - and I also leave face masks on a little bit too long....oops

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  25. I adore this post, it had smiling and nodding along the whole time. I am forever losing the lids to my favourite products and overdrawn my lips till I look like a clown is a regular occurrence.

    Robyn | heythererobyn

  26. If we're all completely honest I think many of us would admit that there's something very satisfying about about squeezing spots and blackheads! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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