Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

I'm a walking, talking, fully functioning blogging cliché - I love nothing more than white furniture, pretty flowers and neatly lining up all my MAC lipsticks, while my numerous candles flicker in the background. If that is wrong, I don't ever want to be right. I however have a few, less than perfect admissions, that will either surprise you or have you nodding along in agreement.

1, If I love or even regularly use a beauty product, there is a good chance that I have lost the lid. Where said lids go, no-one ever really knows. Perhaps they are nestled alongside my lost hair grips and have formed a little colony?

2, I sometimes over line my lips to comedy proportions when left to my own devices (and not leaving the comfort of my home of course) just for the LOLZ. I've also experimented with a moustache, goatee and one rainy afternoon a full beard...and you wonder why I don't have a Youtube channel.

3, I have excessive amounts of make up brushes so I don't have to subject myself to brush washing day.

4, I've been known to order foundation shades online with what can only be a YOLO (yeah I hate myself for typing that too), I'll make it work attitude. For the record it is not something I advise doing unless you really enjoying blending like your life depends on it.

5, I sometimes apply eye cream all over my face out of sheer laziness. When I'm in bed I get up for nothing. Nothing. I read somewhere that Beyonce does this nightly - something to do with the formula being more concentrated and having money to burn I believe. Miaow.

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

6, I screen grab other girls killer make up and hair looks on my phone for future reference. I often worry about what would happen if I lost my phone? A camera roll full of perfect strangers is pretty bizarre isn't it? Little bit...

7, I over apply fragrance, I like the world to smell me before they see me. I apologise wholeheartedly that I am that guy and at the same time I don't. Sorry not sorry.

8, I know it is terrible for my skin but I do rather enjoy squeezing blemishes and blackheads. Yes I am gross. Gross and scarred for my efforts.

9, Speaking of being gross (I am the gift that keeps on giving huh?), I will bite and pick at gel nails when they are attached to my hands. I almost see self removal as a personal challenge.

10, I enjoy nothing more than finger combing out knots within my hair. I feel so accomplished when I free the hairs from what can only be described as a mini dread lock. Not quite CV worthy, I'll give you that but utterly satisfying none the less.

Now over to you, 'fess up what "beauty sin" do you want to confess to?
I promise no penance is required.