Avene Cleanace Expert

My struggle with adult acne has been well documented (if you fancy nosy there is a whole category of posts about such topic in the right hand side bar); at the moment I have a large cystic cluster of blemishes on my left cheek, that I am terrified will scar. I've tried several routes to get to the bottom of the problem, none of which have quite garnered the results I was hoping for. Recently Avene have launched Avene Cleanance Expert, a product that aims to not only clear but also prevent acne. When you have tried just about everything else you adapt a what do I have to loose mantra, so guess what I have began testing it out!

The best way to think of Avene Cleanace Expert is a moisturiser crossed with a blemish treatment, it renews the skin without stripping and is best used daily. The other benefit of Avene Cleanace Expert is that it helps to mattify the skin and control excess sebum should that be a problem, again without drying out the skin. Apparently it regulates sebum with Monolaurin (and can reduce it by up to 33%). It contains X-PressinTM that gently mimics the skin’s natural exfoliation process without the use of AHAs or BHAs (this is what I find most intriguing), and contains an exclusive patented ingredient - Diolényl®, to help eliminate blemishes and in turn limit the spread of acne-causing bacteria.

Very clever but if I'm honest all that means little to me, I know next to nothing about skincare science. What I can say is that in the last two weeks other than the monstrous break out I have on my cheek, my blemishes have been pretty few and far between. Avene state from the get go that it will take upwards of a month to see any real results and even then it is with daily use, so this could well be luck on my part. I will of course bear with Avene Cleanace Expert for the time being and report back in a month or so.

The really good news is that I have been able to step away from separate exfoliation products, the skin renewing ingredient really agrees with my skin and gently removes dry and dead cells without any effort on my part. It doesn't irritate my skin, rather it leaves my skin feeling and looking softer. Even if it does turn out that the blemish control element was sheer luck on my part I would continue to use Avene Cleanace Expert for the exfoliation quality. I should also add that it does a great job of keeping my skin fairly matte, even in the currently balmy weather without adding to dehydration. If anything this is a great daily moisturiser for oily skin types as it has a certain balancing quality coupled with a light weight texture that works really well with such complexion types.

In a really long winded way, what I am attempting to say is that Avene Cleanace Expert is promising. It has delivered on at least two of its promises and seems to be more than hopeful on the other. I am more than happy to continue use and will of course report back in a month or so.

Until then you can find Avene Cleanace Expert via Look Fantastic for £11.25/40ml - link.

This post contains a press sample.