Three Very Different Facial Mists to Try

Like most in a humid rut, a good facial mist is my weapon against balmy, sticky weather - the right choice will cool, calm and hydrate my skin without removing my make-up or leave my complexion soaking wet - the worst! Am I right? As I know most are struggling in the muggy conditions, I have gathered up my top 3 current go to facial mists all of which serve very different purposes - hopefully one will be suited to your needs and budget.

The do it all option - Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist £16/80ml via Feel Unique - link.
Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist is a must try - not only does it set make-up, cool, refresh and hydrate the skin it doubles up as a primer too. Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist has been formulated to refresh and hydrate the complexion using rose water and green tea extracts. It can be used throughout the day for that reason alone but it also prevents my make-up from sliding off my face (even on the warmest of days). As an added bonus it also to some extent also offers a little oil control without parching my skin of natural moisture, nor altering the finish of any make-up. As a matter of a fact I would deem this to be fairly hydrating without overwhelming the complexion - perfect for just about ever skin type. They don't come much more multi-purpose than this!

The anti-ageing option - Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist £25/118ml - link
Before we get into the anti-ageing technology and benefits, I want to begin by saying this facial spray also gets the award for most refreshing/cooling. This fine mist (again it doesn't remove make-up), instantly soothes and cools even the most overheated complexions making it a must for a high temperature and/or sun burn. The aim of Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist is of course to cool and calm (which it does thanks to the addition of Willowbark) but also diminish visual signs of ageing thanks to Thiotaine - a powerful natural antioxidant. If that is not enough it has been infused with Vitamins A,B, C and E to provide antioxidant protection, combat stressed skin and deliver a healthy natural glow. If you want more of a skincare element (i.e one that protects and repairs your skin) from your facial mist this is the option to invest in. 

The hydrator - Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray £21/ 125ml via Boots - link
Perhaps all you want from a facial spray is additional hydration? Well Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray is the answer, a quick and easy way to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin without the need for a cream or oil. As with most facial sprays this is refreshing and cooling but pips all others to the post in terms of hydration. I have no idea how it does it but Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray leaves the skin feeling plump, nourished and moisturised in one quick mist. Sometimes I find moisturiser can sit on top of my skin rather than fully absorb (why it does that is a tale for another time), when this happens I reach for Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray as it quickly penetrates the skin and restores balance once more, all the while softening. If you are prone to dry skin this is the spray for you, I also like that it contains soothing Aloe Vera making it a wonderful spray to keep in the fridge should you be partial to sun bathing or dare I say it burning. This is the facial mist I reserve for flights as it puts the moisture back into my skin that the recycled air sucks out, not to mention it is great for refreshing tired legs and feet on the go too.

What is your go to facial mist and why?

This post contains press samples.