Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts

I confess Kneipp is a brand that has somewhat bypassed me; an affordable natural bath and body brand that never uses paraffin, silicone or mineral oils with an expansive range of products to treat the body head to toe with aromatherapy benefits. If you are looking for an indulgent addition to any bath time Kneipp is one to keep in mind, especially the bath salts. On the bath salts...

In the last few years bath salts have somewhat fallen out of favour thanks to their younger, cooler bathing sisters that produce bubbles but for a relaxing bath time you can't beat bath salts. Kneipp (originally founded by a Priest back in 1891) use ingredients to soothe both the body and mind - as ideal for aching muscles, as it is for an indulgent dip.

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts have been created using a base of thermal spring salt to provide a sense of serenity, the fragrance is created by Red Poppy which is oddly sweet, herbal and soothing. It is not an overwhelming scent yet when added to warm water it creates a lingering vapour to fill the entire room, and encourage you to switch off - even after the bath water has drained away. If that is not enough Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts also feature Hemp to gently and effectively soften and moisturise the skin while you soak.

Sure bubble baths are lovely but they don't often leave me feeling soothed and comforted. Over the last week, I have been a little down in the dumps and as silly as it may seem after a long soak with Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts, I felt so much better. I liken it to a weight being lifted and all my silly little worries drained away with the water. Cheesy yes but very much true. Again not to diss foaming products thermal salt is also great for targeting muscle ache and generally preparing you for a great night of sleep.

For me 2015 is the revival of bath salts, lead the way Kneipp...lead the way!

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts £8.95/500g via Feel Unique - link.

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