Fresh Ginger as a Beauty Treatment

The fridge; one of, if not my favourite place in my house (shout out to my bed, I see you boo!) - don't you dare judge, I know everyone enjoys a good glance inside to see what yummy snacks are inside; it is here that I also find the odd beauty treatment or two. My latest find is fresh Ginger, a spicy root that I have been known to add to food, water and even my shower. Let me explain...

Fresh Ginger is pretty wonderful, naturally loaded with antioxidants and by physically consuming fresh Ginger be it in the likes of a curry or a cup of tea you can protect your skin from ageing prematurely and reduce the effects of environmental damage (pollution etc). By eating and drinking you can also reduce inflammation be it of the skin, joints or stomach. As yummy as it can be I prefer to use Ginger Root topically, mostly to stimulate hair growth naturally but also on my face on occasion.

It all began when I foolishly burnt my hand while cooking, I had next to nothing at home to cool, calm and heal - I of course did what every normal person does. No not call my Mother but turn to Google. After a quick search I was lead to fresh Ginger - rubbing a slice of Ginger on to the affected area not only aids the natural healing process, as well as calming but believe it or not it acts as a natural form of pain relief. Some even believe that it can prevent scars from not only forming but reduce the appearance of existing scar tissue. This will require patience and dedication (something I lack) - you will have to do it up to three times a day for up to 12 weeks before you begin to see any difference. I've yet to try it for scarring but can vouch it works wonderfully to quickly soothe skin burning - it may even come in handy for sun burn too?

Fresh Ginger as a Beauty Treatment

My main use for Ginger is for my hair, namely to stimulate growth - I used to rely on Biotin supplements for such purpose but my skin reacted adversely (another post, for another time). Again after a little research it turns out Ginger Root is a great natural solution - simply grate a little root, rub all over the scalp and leave to sit for up to half an hour before shampooing the hair as normal. If you find that too messy you can slice and rub on to the scalp that way - I find by grating it becomes wetter and more juice penetrates my scalp. It will tingle and you will temporarily be engulfed with the sweet, almost citrus yet spicy aroma but it is not at all unpleasant nor painful for that matter.

The above application method may seem a little old school and dare I say it smack of an old wives tale but there is some science involved. You see fresh Ginger naturally boosts the circulation, so when applied topically can temporarily increase the blood flow - in turn on the scalp it may naturally promote hair growth. You won't experience instant hair growth but plenty have said it has aided re-hair re-growth on thinning patches due to stress and even aided growing out over plucked brows too. If that sounds a little too messy or time consuming, turn to natural Ginger teas to get a hefty dose of magnesium and potassium to encourage stronger hair and maybe even clearer skin too due to the antiseptic agents.

As it is 100% natural I not only recommend giving it a whirl; what do you have to loose but also searching for more uses and DIY beauty treatments. Turns out Ginger Spice is the best Spice Girl after all (cheesy puns are my speciality, if you click exit now I really wouldn't blame you)!