Clever Self Tanners

Self tanning has come a long way since I first began trying to mimic a bronze glow at home - I'm glad that tanning wipes have died a death, in place we have a whole range of clever and innovative products. Only got an hour to tan? Not a problem, or perhaps you are fed up of foul smelling tanners, or maybe just maybe you have dreamed of being able to tan in the shower? Well the good news is that there is a self tanner for just about everyone and their specific needs too. Let me share a few of my favourite ingenious body bronzers.

Clever Self Tanners

For When Time is Not of the Essence

We've all been there, a last minute night out or event invitation and suddenly you wish you had self tanned the night before. You don't quite trust instant, wash off self tan formulations but you also don't have four hours to wait for a colour to develop. The good news is that there is a middle ground with at least two great tanning products, each of which will have you sun kissed and ready to go in a jiffy. First up we have He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan in Medium to Dark, this tinted liquid instantly leaves the skin golden and continuously develops to create a deeper shade. After an hour has passed simply rinse off, get dressed and you are good to go. It can also be used as you would a normal self tanner (i.e left on the skin over night) for a deeper hue. I will say that this does create a fairly deep tan and perhaps is not the best option for those with a fair complexion or tanning newbies.
If an hour is off the cards then you need Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse, as the name suggests this product only takes moments to apply and develop. Much like the above tanner, this does continue to deepen in tone over the duration of wear and does feature a guide colour. Being a mousse, Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse is easy to apply: it glides onto the skin, doesn't tend to streak and dries instantly. Those looking for a deep, faux glow may want to look elsewhere as this offers a subtle hint of a tint rather than a just came back from two weeks in the Bahamas effect - perfect for light complexions or those a little unsure of self tanner. If you do enjoy the formula but wish it garnered deeper results you can apply daily for a few days to build up colour.

Clever Self Tanners

The Tailor Made Tan

Consider this your self tanning wardrobe condensed in one bottle, should you desire a light, mid or deep tan this product will deliver all without the need for layer upon layer of product, nor other products. St. Moriz Shade Control Self Tanning Mousse is a quick drying tinted mousse - it glides onto the skin with a guide colour to show where you have applied and to prevent mishaps. St. Moriz Shade Control Self Tanning Mousse allows you to decide the shade out come. To achieve a light glow, apply and allow to develop for an hour, before washing off - this is my go to method for the Winter months. For those aiming for a medium level tan the same directions apply only with a two hour developing time frame, lastly for the deepest level of bronze you allow to develop for three hours. Easy peasy and perhaps the best one of the most universal self tanning products I have come across, not to mention a snip at just £5.99.

Clever Self Tanners

The Tanners You can Wash On and Off!

Self tanner of the moment is the rather genius St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion, if you have yet to familiarise yourself with this product let me explain. St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion works in the shower on wet skin (yes really), to use you wash as you would normally and then step out of the water, apply the tanner all over the body and allow to sit on the skin for three minutes. You then rinse off and get dressed as normal - clever huh? Other than standing around naked in the cold for a few minutes, the real downside is that this is more of a gradual tanner than your typical bronzing lotion. It will take a good few applications to build up a base colour which may not be ideal for those who are impatient - it is however ideal for prolonging a natural tan and for those who prefer a more subtle approach.

Wash off self tanning options are no longer orange, quick to streak or give way to the rain - rather they prefect and offer both an instant and temporary tanning solution. Forget that L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Dream Legs BB Tanning Care 5-in-1, is aimed at legs this velvety soft tinted cream can be used anywhere on the body. Not only does it create a beautiful natural glow but it also blurs imperfections (scars, stretch marks and veins) and moisturises. It is the budget instant self tanner you have been waiting for.

The Tanner That Doesn't Stink!

Nothing irritates me more within the self tanning world is a foul smelling product, we've all been there - the colour is perfect but my goodness does it stink, regardless of how many showers you have. One of the best smelling self tanning ranges I have found (and the colour is also great) has to be Bondi Sands. They don't have that weird, warm savoury smell; rather all of the products within this collection has a beautiful and light, tropical coconut scent. Why can't all tanners be like this?

The future of self tanning looks to be interesting, maybe we will see the rival of tanning wipes albeit improved and more sophisticated? All I know is I'm glad the days of orange, impossible to apply body bronzers are over.