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Beauty Discussion - Self Tanning Confessions

Self Tanning Confessions

As a child, teen and young adult (up until 5 years ago) I danced; I had unrealistic dreams of making it my profession. As a "dancer" I entered several competitions and of course did show cases and auditions all of which seemed to go hand in hand with a tan. There was a while I abused the tanning beds, being naturally olive skinned I assumed the damage would be minimum and also thought next to nothing about baking in the sun. I soon saw sense and went back to self tanning. Yep I said back as one of my earliest dance based memories is being wiped down with a tanning wipe, and being told to stand still so it did not streak. Bizarre I guess but very much the norm within the dance community (non ballet for those who are wondering).

For the record my Mother is naturally very pale as is my Grandmother, neither could give two hoots about a tan; they burn and would rather be a milky white hue than in pain and see self tanning as a faff. If anything they encourage me to rock my natural light yellow complexion yet it is very unlikely that you will see me without some form of tanning product on my body. It's a confidence issue; I don't feel "right" without a slick of bronze, I feel the same way about mascara. I hasten to add that I don't equate bronzed skin as the epitome of beauty, as cheesy as it may sound I truly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way - pale, dark, bronze and all that is in-between. I just happen to enjoy wearing self tan - it really is as simple as that.

Fortunately as the years have passed I have side stepped the deep, veering on orange tanning products in favour of a light, barely noticeable tanning regime which I like to think I do have down to a fine art. It has not all been plain sailing - stained palms, streaks, out right ridiculous shades of orange - been there and most likely stained the t-shirt in the process. Don't ask me how I know but chlorine in a pool will remove self tan, some may say a little too quickly. Stained your palms with instant tan? Toothpaste will remove that? Want to fade a patchy self tan? A scrub consisting of Lemon juice and either salt or sugar is your best bet.

As silly as it may seem I pride myself on being able to recommend a self tanner to just about anyone, there are very few brands or regime that I have not tried along the way. My preferred method is a mousse (more often than not St.Tropez, the green undertone suits my complexion) as it dries quickly, to apply I use both rubber gloves and then a tanning mitt to prevent staining. I always get a family member to do my back and I tan the back of my hands using a facial tanning mist (normally Garnier Ambre Solaire Bronzer Self-Tan Face Mist). For the record I loathe spray tans, it is the indignity of having to strip down in front of a perfect stranger (in paper knickers no less) and having to leave the comfort of my home. At home I can self tan whenever and however I like - no judgement or paper underwear involved.

I'm also a huge fan of instant tanners as you can wash them off should you hate the colour or only want a super temporary fix of bronze. I have yet to find anything better than He-Shi One Day Tan - the colour is beyond natural, easy to apply and builds up with ease should you want a depper glow. If you do choose to tan naturally be it on holiday or in your back garden, this is the product that you want to disguise tan lines. You can thank me later and at just under £10 it is not all that dissimilar in price to Rimmel SunShimmer but far superior.

I do worry (not enough to stop me from using it) a little that perhaps one day we will find out that self tanning is the cause of something untoward, after all it was only a few decades ago that smoking was considered the norm and health implications were not openly discussed. For those wondering self tanners contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is a colour additive that darkens the skin by interacting with the amino acids found in the outermost layer of your skin. Unlike tanning beds and sun bathing self tanner has been deemed safe by medical professionals and scientists alike - which is good enough for me. I should add that almost no self tanner contains SPF so you should always protect you skin when in the sun.

So yes my name is Adrienne and I'm a self tanning addict, where do you stand?
Are you a fan of the faux glow, have you grown out of bronzing or is it something a process that has never appealed?

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  1. I am a self tan addict too, I am currently trying out a few to see what gives me the best glow in preparation for my holiday in September (need to pre tan as I am ghostly pale). I feel incredibly uncomfortable without a tan and until pale is in, I will never apologise for making the bed sheets a pale shade of brown or walking around the house naked until my tan dries (or refusing other grown up activities with the other half that evening).

    I think also I am truly anal about tanning, if I know I will be photographed or I want to do outfit posts on the blog I will make sure I apply some self tan the day before!

    That was a long winded comment :)

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  2. Yep I'm totally with you on this Adrienne. I'm naturally pale, though do take a medium golden tan (or did in my sun worshipping days). For now it's bottled all the way for me! I'm very curious to try that He-Shi One Day Tan now as I struggle to find a good instant tan. So far my faves are Xen Tan Scent Secure Gold or Vita Liberata Capture the Light, though I wish it came in a bigger bottle! Big fan of He-Shi formulas though so will def pick this up!

    Nic x


  3. I use a gradual tanner, the Dove Summer Glow, I only use the medium one and I do go quite tanned with it. I have been wanting to try some new ones, especially St Tropez. I love to have a bit of colour to my skin!

    Vikki x

  4. I use a gradual tanner, the Dove Summer Glow, I only use the medium one and I do go quite tanned with it. I have been wanting to try some new ones, especially St Tropez. I love to have a bit of colour to my skin!

    Vikki x

  5. Great post! I love a fake tan and have spent a lot of time researching products too.....I have never tried a face tanner before though. I am extremely fair (with red hair) and I would love it if you could recommend one for me :D
    I would love you to check my blog out too :)

  6. I am 100% a self tan addict! I've tried countless different ones, I've found that mousses are the easiest, I'm currently using the St Tropez one which I'm really liking. I don't mind pale skin on some people but I just think that I look washed out when I'm pale and I feel much more confident with a slight tan, especially with my legs

    Emma emhasrednails

  7. I'm way too pale for self tanners - did it once when I was 15 and looked like I'd been tangoed.

    Lizzie Dripping

  8. I used to tan myself until I was literally a jaffa cake, but lately I've become a bit less excessive about it haha I just like a subtle glow nowadays, but for day to day I just stay pale, less hassle haha x

    Beauty and the Rest

  9. Somehow I've actually gone through life without ever fake tanning and I'm not sure why! I absolutely love being tanned or having that summer glow so I think I'm definitely going to have to give it a try! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  10. I'm very pale and don't tan naturally so I can normally only get away with the very lightest gradual tanners, like the Dove or Garnier ones. Occasionally I use rimmel sun shimmer to give me a bit of a glow, but anything else looks OTT on me. I'd love to try a mousse if I found one the right shade, though.

  11. I am super pale too, and find it a must have in the summer, though I try to stay on the sensible side of tangerine too! I mostly use gradual products though I have tried the St.Tropez in shower and love it, also the Rimmel Instant/One hour mousse is pretty impressive to me.

  12. I've never fake tanned before apart from a couple of times with an extremely subtle one of my mum's, which I couldn't even tell the difference from. After a holiday, where I got a little bit of colour, I do feel tempted to get some kind of gradual tanner - I think I'd be too scared to go for a full on one!

    Polka Dot Penny

  13. I try and use a gradual tan every now and then, but sometimes I really just can't be bothered and just embrace my paleness :D

    Philippa - ByPhilippa

  14. I am stupidly pale and must confess that I am addicted to fake tan. I am really lazy tho and can't be bothered with the mess/faff of most fake tan. I think the new St Tropez in shower tan in amazing! :)

  15. I also stopped dancing 5 years ago! Unfortunately I was forced to after being made redundant and I'm hoping to return to it one day (although I'm getting on a bit now!). I was never tanned up for shows though, in fact I've never used fake tan. I had Capezio stage tights on but milk bottle flesh everywhere else! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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