Trilogy Rosehip Oil

For a moment, please let me be a broken record - if you incorporate one oil into your skin care routine, let it be Rosehip Oil. Please (I said please?). There is not a week, that goes by in which I don't recommend Triliogy's Rosehip Oil to anyone who will stop and listen.Why? Not only does it work (in more ways than you can possibly imagine and for most skin concerns too) but it is fairly affordable, not to mention a bottle lasts for what seems like forever and a day - even with my over zealous method of application.

If you have yet to try Trilogy Rosehip Oil or any form for that matter let me twist your arm, or maybe not - violence never did solve anything...

Before I say why I use Rosehip Oil, let's discuss why it is such a stellar skin care addition and of course how it benefits the skin. Did you know that Rosehips are naturally very high in skin saving Vitamins such A, C and E, as well as being rich in fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9? No me neither up until recently but all are great for the skin, even when topically applied via oil. Another notable natural presence is that of Lycopene - an antioxidant notably found in tomatoes (my favourite food in case you were wondering, note how I side stepped the whole fruit/vegetable debate ha!) and unsurprisingly wonderful for the protecting the complexion and the skin in general.

The most impressive trait of Rosehip Oil in my opinion, is its ability to penetrate the skin on a cellular level - meaning that it is quickly absorbed and targets damage deeper within the skin layers, opposed to just that of the surface of the skin. In theory, with continued use it may repair and restore the skin as well as shielding against future damage - there are very few products out there that can offer the same benefits let alone claim to be natural. Trust me I have looked.

Just when you think Rosehip Oil has given you all it can, you learn that it can speed up the renewal of scar tissue. It has been reported that scars heal and fade quicker when using this oil daily, I agree wholeheartedly and use it on stubborn and new stretch marks too. I have also found it is effecting in calming the itch and tightness often associated with healing skin making it ideal for burns in general and of course sun burn. As a matter of a fact, I recommend slapping it on to sun burn to minimise skin damage and prevent the dreaded flaking stage. 

I turn to Rosehip Oil daily (sometimes twice or more, I really am that obsessed) to make the most of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties - it truly is ideal for those like myself with blemish/acne prone complexions. I have found that it quickly soothes, calms, effectively hydrates and encourages my skin to repair itself all the while protecting against environmental damage. I know not everyone will agree with my methods but I do apply a little to my eye area before eye cream at night to protect and repair. Unlike other skin oil solutions (I do hasten to add that there are other great light oils out there too) this isn't at all heavy, is fairly quickly absorbed, nor does not block the pores or overwhelm the skin with moisture. Yes it is suitable for all ages (even teens) and skin types but those with a drier skin texture may find it is best combined with a moisturiser come night fall?

The best way to think of Trilogy Rosehip Oil is: natural, organic, anti-ageing, restorative and protective, suit all skin care solution that every bathroom cabinet should contain. High praise indeed but worth of every single word and exclamation point! I do enjoy punctuating with gusto.

Now who's joining me in the Triliogy Rosehip Oil love in?

You can find Triliogy Rosehip Oil for £16.50 via Boots - link.