The One Brand You Have Yet to Try

Believe it or not there are a good few beauty brands I am not all that familiar with or at all. I have noticed that over my course of beauty blogging, new make-up brands crop up almost weekly. Through fear of bankruptcy I do try to hold off and research before splurging out on any new lines - beauty blogs really can be a life line for this very reason. Then of course there is the super pricey, premium brands that a gal can only treat herself to every now and then again because money doesn't grown on trees!

This year alone I have been introduced to three premium beauty brands: Givenchy, Chantecaille and Sunday Riley - all very luxurious, all very expensive. In the past I have tried and owned a good few Givenchy fragrances but had somewhat overlooked the make up counter, I am pleased to say from what I have experienced it is worth the splurge - the eyeshadow palettes especially. If you do try one new and dare I say it expensive skin care brand this year, let it be Sunday Riley - the skin oils work wonders, the ceramic slip cleanser is easily one of the best around and I have yet to be disappointed by any product. A hefty claim but very much true, I apologise in advance for the demise of your savings. My most recent brand discovery? Chantecaille - perhaps the Rolls Royce of beauty brands, silky soft eyeshadows, buttery smooth lip colours and divine palettes you will want to showcase as well as wear. Yes it took me a while to take the plunge and trust the brand but now I'm here there is no going back.

I know what you are thinking, there can't be many brands left for me to discover? Wrong - I have still to as much as sniff a Creed fragrance, I have not yet tried anything by Freedom Make Up London, I have my eye firmly on a large Colour Pop Cosmetic order and Peter Thomas Roth (along with Lorac) is the one brand firmly on my radar when I touch down in the US - I need to try his iconic facial masks for myself.

If money was no object, what one brand would you like to finally try and why?