A Note On Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo hasn't always been a central part of my beauty routine, up until five years ago I washed my hair every single day - getting up at 6am before heading off to school. Tiring and completely unnecessary, not to mention utterly damaging my already weakened hair in the process. One day while complaining about greasy hair, my friend handed me a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo and the rest I guess is history.

I've long grew tired of Batiste, it leaves a heavy white cast on my hair that results in an itchy scalp and me counting down the minutes until I can go home and wash my hair. Don't get me wrong I will use it if in a pinch but it is far from my favourite. That accolade belongs to Dove Dry Shampoo and of course the Colab Dry Shampoo line; both are reasonably priced, mop up excess oil and smell great, what more could you possible want?

I'm assuming most reading this post will be acquainted with the Dry Shampoo process? If not let me briefly explain; Dry Shampoo is more often than not a spray on powder product that is applied directly to the roots of the hair to absorb excess oil/grease. It doesn't wash the hair as such, rather it refreshes adding both volume and a hit of fragrance, it also eradicates any sign of oiliness temporarily. You don't necessarily have to apply Dry Shampoo to dirty tresses, it can be misted onto freshly washed locks, to add a little texture and volume without weighing down the hair.

A good dry shampoo will not leave any powder residue, white or otherwise, will brush out with ease, add a little volume and not reek of talcum powder. Easier said than done I know but life really is too short to put up with anything less. As a side note (a note within a note, fancy huh?) I can not recommend spraying Dry Shampoo on to your roots (don't rub in) before going to bed, it will have longer to absorb and of course the added bonus of tossing and turning will add natural volume. I find this method to be great for those who really hate the sensation of product in their hair full stop. If you forget I also find that brushing the hair after application also helps too.

Can you live without Dry Shampoo? I know I can't and go through more cans than I care to admit to.
What is your go to brand and if you have an additional tips do let me know, I'm all ears.