Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist

As someone with oily skin the Summer weather, especially humid conditions is not my friend as far as make-up is concerned. I don't particularly want to nor enjoy constantly applying pressed powder throughout the day, to prevent make-up from all but melting off my face so I do rely on setting sprays. I realise that not everyone likes Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for whatever reason so let me offer up an alternative in Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist.

Would it surprise you to learn that I am rather picky in regards to setting sprays? Probably not - the heat makes everyone fickle. I don't only require a make-up setting spray to ensure my make-up stays in place but it has to be gentle on the skin, it can't clog the pores or aggravate my acne. If it hydrates and contains skin care benefits all the better - Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist is all of the above and more.

Much like most make-up setting sprays you apply Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist after you have finished your make-up to keep things in place but did you know you can use it as a primer? Simply mist on the skin before make-up application, allow to dry and apply make-up as usual. Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist has been formulated so it also refreshes and hydrates the skin using rose water and green tea extracts and can be used throughout the day for that reason alone, much like other cooling facial mists.

As I imagine most will purchase Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist in the hope prolonging make-up wear, I really should mention if it indeed delivers. Yes it does, it keeps my make-up from not only sliding off my face but to some extent also offers a little oil control without parching my skin of natural moisture, nor altering the finish of any make-up it is applied on top of. As a matter of a fact I would deem this to be fairly hydrating without overwhelming the complexion. I will admit that it is not as heavy duty or as long lasting as the Urban Decay option but then again it does offer more skin care benefits.

If you are on the look out for a facial spray that pretty much does it all, Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist is one to invest within. It not only suitably sets the skin but it can double up as a primer, facial refresher and so much more. Impressive however you look at it.

Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist £16/80ml via Look Fantastic - link.

This post contains a press sample.