Lush Sugar Scrub

Since ditching microbead scrubs of all types (you can read my reasons here) I've found myself seeking out natural body exfoliating options. The problem is I am fairly picky - I like scrubs that are a little on the harsh side yet not damaging, reasonably priced and if it smells great it is a bonus. My recent find ticks all of the above boxes and more, let me introduce you to Lush Sugar Scrub.

The Lush Sugar Scrub is admittedly not much to look at - a large green rounded bar of somewhat messy sugar, that only really comes into its own when combined with water and damp skin. Lush Sugar Scrub is of course a gritty, sugar based body exfoliator that combines grated Ginger and fresh Fennel to boost circulation and brighten the skin. Lush have also noted that Fennel is a natural diuretic (promotes the production of urine), so it may help water and toxins drain from the body tissues. Truthfully I can't say I found that to be the case but it certainly does help to pump up the blood flow and is particularly effective when used on typically fatty areas such as the bottom and thighs; regular use may even help with the visible signs of cellulite.

Lush Sugar Scrub

With Ginger and Fennel as the key ingredients the fragrance as you can imagine is somewhat herbal and a little zesty. The abundance of sugar used to create the product also prevents the overall scent from being overwhelming, as a matter of a fact it gives it a somewhat sweet edge - overall it is really pleasant and I guess what most would deem to be a unisex fragrance.

As a body scrub, Lush Sugar Scrub more than gets the job done, making light work of even the driest and roughest of skin. It can also be used on the feet in place of a pumice stone should you wish. I must stress that it is important to wet either the skin or the product before use otherwise you will all but hurt yourself. Lush Sugar Scrub is a fairly gritty scrub thanks to the sugar and the last thing you want to do is drag it over dry skin. Once combined with water and/or damp skin this quickly turns into a somewhat foaming body scrub that quickly polishes the skin. It may be worthwhile noticing that the bar will become a little soft and for lack of a better term squishy over time thanks to the water. I recommend keeping a container of some type handy to pop into after each use, to allow the product to air dry out after each use. If that isn't for you, Lush Sugar Scrub is fairly easy to crumble off a piece before use to save you any unnecessary waste and mess!

All in all a great, natural and affordable body scrub that leaves my skin soft and beautifully polished with each use. It also doesn't hurt that it doubles up as an effective foot treatment. If I had one criticism is that it does loose its shape and becomes a crumbly mess after a few uses but for less than £3, I can't really complain.

You can find Lush Sugar Scrub via Lush for £2.99 - link.