Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap

I'm sure we've all went through periods in which just about every product irritates our skin for what reason. Typically I don't suffer from skin sensitivity but certain I do have a tendency to over do it with oil reducing and harsh scrubs - the result? Red, raw and easily aggravated skin that requires a little TLC and of course a gentle touch. If that sounds familiar (even if it is just every now and then), you need to try Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap.

Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap is of course: a soap and a solid cleanser, however unlike other facial soaps this is not at all stripping nor harsh. Rather the ingredients have been specifically chosen to soothe, calm and reduce redness. The added bonus is that it can be used on both the face and body (some say it is great for eczema, general broken skin and of course body acne), all the while not breaking the bank - a huge 100g block costs just £4.99.

Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap

Now on to the rather impressive ingredient line up of Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap, this is namely chamomile, elderflower, calamine and lavender; all selected for their skin soothing properties. As this has been intended as a facial soap Lush have removed a chunk of typical soap ingredients and replaced them with essential oils. Such oils include chamomile blue to soothe; lavender oil calm both the complexion and mind; tea tree oil to help not only speed up the skin healing process but also as a mild antiseptic and lastly, rose absolute to restore and balance the skin. I've read various reviews (I like to research before purchasing anything) and it seems a few users have noticed a reduction in excess oil when using this regularly. I can't say this was the case for me but then again I do not reach for this daily, rather I find it instantly calms and soothes irritated skin and is my go to cleanser when hives attack. It aids with inflammation and due to the high concentration of chamomile it reduces any it itching too.

As you have most likely sussed out, you apply Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap much like you would any soap - lather up (it very slightly foams, to a frothy, milky liquid), gently massage on to the face and rinse off. I highly recommend using in conjunction with a muslin cloth to add a gentle and natural exfoliating process. Admittedly it is not the best at removing make-up, you will have to repeat the process if wearing heavy foundation; there are very few cleansers this statement could not be applied to in this regard. On the skin Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap is surprisingly nourishing, I don't find it to dry or strip my skin, nor does it leave my skin feeling tight after each use. I should add much like Lush Coalface I do only use this on occasion and see it more as a treatment product to remedy stressed out skin, rather than my go to daily cleanser. 

However you use Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap - be it on the face or on the body it really is worth having a chunk on stand by for skin emergencies. My hives and over zealous scrubbing techniques thank you Lush.

Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap £4.99/100g via Lush - link