Carthusia The Essence of Central Park

I'm sure I am not alone in dreaming of one day being able to live and work within NYC but as that is not quite a viable option at the moment. I do however have a fragrance that promises to transport you to one of New York's iconic landmarks - Central Park. Yes really, there is quite literally Eau de Central Park thanks to Carthusia The Essence of Central Park.

Italian fragrance house Carthusia have just launched The Essence of Central Park, a fragrance that has been inspired by the park’s natural beauty - clever and original, it only makes sense that such an iconic place has a collectable that is so elegant. Carthusia have joined forces with the Central Park Conservancy (a non-profit organisation responsible for the day to day maintenance and operations that keep the Park beautiful and vibrant) to create the scent and of course donate proceeds to help fund the organisation. 

Carthusia The Essence of Central Park has been intended to invoke memories of the Spring/Summer with lush green landscapes and blossoming blooms. It is said to be a unisex scent but I would say it is quite feminine - to each their own!  Carthusia The Essence of Central Park is a sparkling, green floral that is bright, crisp and uplifting, it is really easy to wear and not at all overpowering despite having plenty of body and prolonged wear time. Notes include magnolia, winter honeysuckle, linden and artemisia.

Does it smell or remind me of Central Park? That's open to interpretation, I guess we all have different concoctions of New York City as a whole; what I can say is that it is very fresh and does beautifully encapsulate the freshness of Spring blooming. If you want a zingy, green floral that helps upkeep one of the world's most famous parks then this is one to try out.

Within the UK you can find Carthusia The Essence of Central Park 50ml/£90 via Liberty (it has yet to go online).

This post contains a press sample.