At the moment it seems a good few of us (myself included) are a little down in the dumps, I personally blame the unpredictable weather. Like everything it too shall pass but if you are looking for a quick fix to shift a bad mood a little quicker, let me share a few beauty related suggestions...

Beauty Pick Me Ups

Buy the Lipstick (or blush, or nail polish) - everyone deserves a treat or two every now and then and if you can afford to, the odd beauty purchase to cheer yourself up does no harm. I'm by no means saying that you should drain your savings at your local MAC counter but perhaps a quick peruse of Superdrug, a pick me up doesn't have to be expensive.

Paint Your Nails - set aside a little time and carefully paint your nails, heck you may even want to go the whole hog and treat yourself to a D.I.Y manicure. I find that it is not only relaxing but rewarding, my chubby fingers always look so much better with a slick of polish and as a result I do get a little pang of satisfaction each time I glance down at them.

Mist on a Fruity Fragrance - think of this as make shift aromatherapy, find the brightest and cheeriest fragrance you own and spray it all over, inhale those uplifting notes and prepare to instantly feel better. Generally I find citrus based scents to work best - especially those with a strong orange note, my recommendations would be Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette and Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum (the name says it all really!).

Beauty Pick Me Ups

Head to Toe - Get into the bath or shower and scrub your body top to toe, indulge in a hair mask and maybe even slick on a body oil afterwards. Now is the time to bust out that Lush Bath Bomb you've been stashing away for a special occasion and/or try those body products that you have been meaning to get around to. Either way light some candles and enjoy your at home spa - you deserve it!

Feed Your Skin - The two quickest and most effective ways to fake an at home facial in my opinion is either a face mask or a facial oil combined with simple massage movements (a quick Youtube search should teach you all you need to know). On a lazy Sunday afternoon I will often do both reaching for a deeply cleansing mask, get my cucumber infused water on (when in Rome) and follow up with my facial oil of choice, massaging as I go. In an ideal world this would be a weekly process rather than an if and when I remember process.

Treat those Feet - Grab a pumice stone, a nail polish and a file - scrub away the reminder of a long Winter and get those tootsies ready for pretty sandals and hopefully flip flops. If like myself you do neglect your feet may I recommend Lush Volcano Foot Mask - a quick and easy way to not only soften and remove dry skin but also deodorise feet.

If all else fails bust open the chocolate - it always works for me ha! I of course somewhat jest, if you are a little under the weather I do sincerely hope you feel better soon!