To Dupe or Not?

Let's be brutally honest with both ourselves and brands, some products are vastly overpriced for what they are. This is probably why dupe is one of the most searched for terms on my blog and I'm sure others too. If you can find a product that does exactly the same job as the pricey alternative on a budget then why not? Ah if only it was the easy...

Like most I like to save money but I'm also King of "Treat yo'self fool!", as someone who doesn't wear a lot of bright lipsticks or make-up in general this is the area I am most tempted to seek out a dupe  - skincare, foundation and fragrance not so much. Why? I tend to make more considered purchases in such fields and don't pick anything I am not confident I will get a lot of use from and general value for my money. Lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows - they are fair game and not always to save a few pennies, sometimes I call on a dupe search to replace a limited edition product (MAC Ripe Peach anyone?).

With several blogs and of course the likes of Pinterest offering up all sorts of information and sources to find a duplicate product of your choosing, you'd think it would be plain sailing. Oh no, far from it. How many times have you bought a dupe only to be disappointed with the end colour, texture or formula? I'm guessing on more than one occasion. If you are anything like me you will end up purchasing several products in the hope of duping one item. Far from ideal and of course an overall pricey experiment, in which I often question if I would have been better off with the expensive product to begin with?

For every one product I manage to successfully dupe (in terms of make-up there are few better moments), I fail miserable with ten more. The problem is I somewhat enjoy the chase, I doubt I'll ever give up on the process altogether and in the instance of limited edition items there really is no other way.

Am I simply impatient and/or expecting too much from "dupes" or does the above ring true with your experiences. On another note I'd love to know your favourite duplicate find - for me it is Essence Heat Wave Blush as an alternative to MAC Ripe Peach.