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Beauty Discussion - The Problem with Limited Edition Products

The Problem with Limited Edition Products

Today my Dior Tie Dye Blush in Coral Sunset arrived and the level of giddiness was unmeasurable. Isn't there something truly exciting about getting your hands on a highly coveted and limited edition product? You promise yourself that you will love it forever and ever and merrily click order - wait impatiently for it to arrive and act like a child on Christmas Day when it does! I bet that sounds more than familiar?

The problem or should that be problems with limited edition products are: A, it is limited, meaning it will more than likely sell out and quickly too - I find this also promotes panic buying, no-one wants to miss out. B, I find myself it two predicaments - am I only purchasing because it is limited edition and do I need a back up? What if I fall in love with it? C, Will the product be so pretty and scarce that I will live in fear of using it?

Totally irrational behaviour, when I am in Superdrug purchasing something mundane like cotton pads the same blind panic does not take over. I purchase what I need and then leave, like any normal person. Yet when a MAC limited edition collection is due to go online I have been known to plan my day around the launch - make-up frenzy takes over. I don't want to like nor love limited edition products as I know their shelf life is limited but yet I do. On the plus side limited edition packaging doesn't have the same effect on me - a new shade yes, new finery not so much...maybe I have grown up after all.

My favourite scent ever is D&G Light Blue Discover Vulcano - yep it is an aftershave but I find it wears really well and isn't overly masculine. I have one bottle left and have been weaning my uses as it was a limited edition from last year and scarce online. As someone who loves bright blue nails I was all over Essie Butler Please Nail Lacquer only to find out it too was limited edition - the good news is that it is easily duped but the formula has yet to be matched. What I don't understand is how so many limited edition products are not made permanent - take MAC Ripe Peach Blush, everyone loves it and yet it is only re-released every five years ago. Someone is missing a trick here.

If I had my way I would make MAC Stereo Rose MSF permanent it is my favourite blush ever and again I have doubt in my mind that it would do exceptionally well if made available all year round.

Over to you, what is the one product you'd like to be removed of its limited edition status?
Or do you have any other problems with limited edition make-up I have not flagged up?

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  1. People go crazy (including me) for MAC limited collections. I know Alluring Aquatics and Cinderella have been two of the craziest ones so far

  2. I do try to avoid getting too excited about LE products because I do end up just keeping them in a box and never touching them and it is such a waste!

    I don't know if this is good news or not but I'm fairly sure Butler Please was added to essie's core line (maybe just in US I'm not sure) it's here tho -

    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

  3. I always panic buy! I have regretted a few panic purchases!

  4. I hate that they sell out so quickly!
    For Mac products, I know that just a few physical stores receive them, my local store does not have every limited edition collection in store. I try not to buy them just to have a limited edition item. I always go to the store after the launch and see what items are left and not sold out, if I like something, I'll buy it, if not, then I won't. I really do fear loving a limited edition item and not being able to use it up and replace it!

    great post!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  5. I always be LE products and really like them, use them a lot and than regret!

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  6. I never buy limited edition products. I stick to the classics and more often than not, friends have said that Limited Edition ones are just meh. Pretty packaging but the same products as non-limited edition.

  7. I agree limited editions do increase panic buying massively! I have found myself fall in love with a few products yet can't buy them anymore! x
    Emmys Blog | Primark Haul S/S

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  9. I'm always tempted to buy limited edition items, but then I always ask myself 'do I really need it?'

    Joyce Ka-yan Lau/

  10. I was hoping that many limited edition items will stay there forever grrr

  11. I'm terrible at buying limited edition products. and then I don't want to use them - that Dior Tie Die blusher being one of them! I guess it's pointless just keeping it to look at, but i'm still not sure I can bring myself to do it... *gives self stern talking to*

  12. I totally understand the panic-buy feeling! I did get my hands on some Alluring Aquatics Extra Dimension eyeshadows from MAC last year, which was a limited edition formula, but it was just made permanent, so there is hope!

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

  13. I would definitely love to try more limited edition makeup! Stereo Rose sounds amazing.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  14. This post is so true. I wish MAC would make their Ever Hip lipstick permanent! I would love to try Stereo Rose sometime.

    Sabrina Jaine

  15. i'd love to see MAC make perfect topping permanent. it's one of my favourite MSFs, and i can't get enough of it.

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  16. I never panic buy. I like to see what other people think first before I splash my money, but that does mean that by time I figure out it is something I would really like, it's all sold out! I tend to stray away from limited edition products purely because I'm worried I'll fall in love with them and not be able to get it again.
    Fun post,
    Hannah x

  17. I remember when the Narsissist limited edition palette came out, i missed out on this and felt deflated for weeks but it turns out I can live without it!! The word limited sends everyone into a panic but that said there's nothing quite like getting your hands on something you know is so sought after!! sabiha :) xx

  18. Personally I think it's a lose/lose. If I rush out and get it because it's LE then it's not that great I get mad at myself for caving in to the hype, if I miss it I feel annoyed with myself and if I do like it I'm annoyed I can never re-purchase it haha. I tend to just stay out of it all as a result...xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  19. So so true!

    I loved the MAC Viva Glam Riri lipstick and you would not believe how many times I had to convince myself that I did not need a backup (or 2 or 3!) of it. My current philosophy (or what I tell myself when I see myself coveting something irrationally) is that newer formulas and colours are around the corner and I would not want to miss them! ;)

  20. Quite often you will find that the beauty brands put in a lot of extra effort into their packaging to try and tempt you with their limited edition items. It can be so annoying when you decide you love the item and find that has gone......
    The limited edition items that I wish would come back in are: Tom Ford's Emerald Lust and Dior's Bonne Etoile. Really great eye shadow palettes.

  21. I've only bought one limited edition product which was a MAC blush - I don't use it often and it's a bit broken but the colour is gorgeous - definitely need to find a dupe!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  22. My favourite MAC Lipstick is Woodrose and sadly it was limited edition, I should have bought several backups! x
    Becoming Becca

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  24. The shades in that palette looks amazing !


  25. I do wish products weren't limited edition. It makes life annoying if you can't go out straight away and buy it. So many mac products are lost on me because of this.

    Emily x

  26. Completely agree! Wish some really popular limited edition products would become products available forever. It's so sad when you fall in love with a product but it's already gone. Holly x

  27. I would say im not fussed by limited edition... but I just spent £17 on the latest summer collection from mac.. i just had to have another lipstick in a different tube... fml.

  28. I totally live in fear of using all my limited edition products up!! For this reason, I find I don't use them as much despite how beautiful they are!! :(
    Any many companies take the best things away from us! For example, Maybelline brought out matte, nude shades in their colour tattoos that were perfect dupes for Mac paint pots in soft ochre/painterly, and then took them away from us again!! :(

  29. Omg! You are so right! Even if I love something I will use it sparingly just because it's limited edition! I do feel pressure to buy limited edition items because I feel like I'm missing out!!



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