The Problem with Limited Edition Products

Today my Dior Tie Dye Blush in Coral Sunset arrived and the level of giddiness was unmeasurable. Isn't there something truly exciting about getting your hands on a highly coveted and limited edition product? You promise yourself that you will love it forever and ever and merrily click order - wait impatiently for it to arrive and act like a child on Christmas Day when it does! I bet that sounds more than familiar?

The problem or should that be problems with limited edition products are: A, it is limited, meaning it will more than likely sell out and quickly too - I find this also promotes panic buying, no-one wants to miss out. B, I find myself it two predicaments - am I only purchasing because it is limited edition and do I need a back up? What if I fall in love with it? C, Will the product be so pretty and scarce that I will live in fear of using it?

Totally irrational behaviour, when I am in Superdrug purchasing something mundane like cotton pads the same blind panic does not take over. I purchase what I need and then leave, like any normal person. Yet when a MAC limited edition collection is due to go online I have been known to plan my day around the launch - make-up frenzy takes over. I don't want to like nor love limited edition products as I know their shelf life is limited but yet I do. On the plus side limited edition packaging doesn't have the same effect on me - a new shade yes, new finery not so much...maybe I have grown up after all.

My favourite scent ever is D&G Light Blue Discover Vulcano - yep it is an aftershave but I find it wears really well and isn't overly masculine. I have one bottle left and have been weaning my uses as it was a limited edition from last year and scarce online. As someone who loves bright blue nails I was all over Essie Butler Please Nail Lacquer only to find out it too was limited edition - the good news is that it is easily duped but the formula has yet to be matched. What I don't understand is how so many limited edition products are not made permanent - take MAC Ripe Peach Blush, everyone loves it and yet it is only re-released every five years ago. Someone is missing a trick here.

If I had my way I would make MAC Stereo Rose MSF permanent it is my favourite blush ever and again I have doubt in my mind that it would do exceptionally well if made available all year round.

Over to you, what is the one product you'd like to be removed of its limited edition status?
Or do you have any other problems with limited edition make-up I have not flagged up?