Lush Oxford Street and Haul

A few days ago I visited London, (I apologise if I spammed your Instagram feed with photos of the beautiful stores) and made a point of visiting the newly opened Lush store on Oxford Street. I like to think of it as Lush heaven - three floors of wall to wall products, super friendly staff, beautiful décor (white and reclaimed wood), not to mention over 200 products exclusive to the super sized store. If you are in town or happen to be a local you simply must visit - I'm already planning my next trip.

As many will know I don't have a bath tub so all of the new and rather delicious bath bombs, melts and oils were out of bounds for me. In the end I settled on some sweetly scented shower ready products. Before visiting I made a mental note, to only take away items that I would not be able to get my mitts on in any Lush store - I guess somewhat frugal? Two shower gels and a conditioner is as restrained as I get.

I am a huge fan of Lush Daddy-O Shampoo which has been formulated to brighten and eradicate brassy tones from all forms of blonde hair. Think of it as a toning shampoo, a toning shampoo that smells like crushed violets! To compliment the shampoo Lush Oxford Street have the exclusive Lush Super Daddy-O Solid Conditioner (£5.95), this of course aims to both brighten and moisturise blonde locks. I am hoping that it is deeply conditioning as my hair has had its fair share of abuse - both heat and bleach. I will report back once I have given it a good few tries but I am optimistic.

So yes two shower gels - well of sorts, I bough Lush The Comforter Shower Gel and Lush Needles and Pine Shower Jelly. It wasn't so long ago that the Lush Kitchen did a small run of Lush The Comforter Shower Gel and I of course ordered a bottle, well now it is permanent and exclusive to the Oxford Street store. It does seem that the permanent bottle differs a little from the Kitchen exclusive in formula and ingredients - however rest assure the fragrance is just what you'd imagine. Bright, berry and totally scrumptious. A gentle base of Almond Oil helps to nourish all the while effectively cleansing the skin. If you don't have a bath and want to experience the incredible scent of one of Lush's best selling bath products this is just what you have been waiting for. 

Lastly I added Lush Needles and Pine Shower Jelly to my basket - I know what you are thinking, surely this should be a Christmas product or at least something aimed at the Winter months? Nope it is a sensuous blend of Pine and Cyprus Leaf notes that aim to mimic the effect of a sauna - encouraging blood flow and circulation, all the while stimulating capillary beds. The fragrance is very alpine - fresh, invigorating and renewing. It is one to pop in the freezer for using after a strenuous gym session. 

I live in hope that perhaps one day Lush Oxford Street will have a stand alone site, in which all of us not based in London (or nearby) can order from. A girl can only dream...