My Lips but Better Shades

My Lips but Better (MLBB), a phrase I am sure many of us have grown to hate along the way due to over use - it is the same with Holy Grail status, it is waved around too frequently to mean all that much. However it is beyond wonderful when you do stumble across that one lip shade that is entirely you, by that I mean a hue so close to your own natural lip colour that you could fool others (dependant on the finish of course) that you have nothing at all on your lips.

This may seem pointless to some but rather than nothingness, I find that having a shade so close to my own natural lip colour enhances and defines. It takes my lips from being a non-feature to a focal point. Yes I do have large and fairly full lips but they are far from pigmented, in fact without a slick of colour they somewhat blend into my face. My 'My Lips but Better' shade gives me the confidence of a bright lip colour be it red or otherwise all the while never overshadowing or overwhelming any other make-up choice.

Yes the term 'My Lips but Better' is completely over used but there is certainly space in every make-up collection for one and let me tell you it is pretty life changing as far as cosmetics go when you find the perfect fit. I have two MLBB shades within my arsenal MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick which is a shade that doesn't get nearly enough credit within the beauty world - a dusky, muted pink that will suit most. I also rate Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native but admittedly it can run a little too pale and stark on my complexion depending on the season. Next time you visit MAC I urge you to pay this a little attention. If a matte lip is what I crave then it is all about Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob is my go to - again muted, this nude pink allows me to define my lips and should I wish over line all the while looking natural. Even if this is not close to your natural lip colour this is one everyone should add to their shopping lists - it is one of the best lip liners I have ever used and pairs well with most pink lipsticks.

So those are my natural lip colour enhancing shade, what are yours?