Rosehip Oil Skin Benefits Acne Uses

In the last few years my view on skin oils has completely changed, once upon a time not so long I avoided anything oil based - be it for my face or body, I simply could not abide the texture. Fast forward and now oils are my go to source of hydration and repair for the skin. If you get on board with one oil let it be Rosehip, trust me you shan't regret it and if you need further persuasion to read on Miranda Kerr has cited it as her skin care saviour!

A Rosehip is the fruit of a rose plant and looks more like a berry than a beautiful blooming rose. Rosehips are high in vitamin A, C and E, rich in fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, not to mention lycopene (an antioxidant) - you may know this can protect the skin from premature ageing. A wonder skin product if ever there was one - it is one of the few products that penetrates on a cellular level, meaning with continued use you can repair and restore the skin as well as protecting. The natural concentrate of vitamin A may aid the repair of scars as well as improving the skins texture and tone. Rosehip is said to be particularly effective against sun and environmental damage due to restorative vitamin C and lycopene, and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the natural levels of vitamin A and C boosting collagen turnover - promoting plumper skin.

As promising as that may be that is not why I apply Rosehip oil daily, rather I have found the natural anti-inflammatory (Omega's) and healing qualities (vit c) ideal for my often blemish prone skin. Not only does Rosehip Oil soothe, calm (it can reduce redness), deeply moisturise and nourish it also encourage the skin to self repair. Those pesky red marks (or any unwanted hyper-pigmentation) left behind from blemishes can be reduced with continuous use, not to mention it eradicates any tight or itchiness that scarring can cause. In the same vain it is great for sunburn, itchy scalps and stretch marks . Unlike other skin oils it is light, non-greasy and quick to absorb into the skin, and it does leave the skin glowing for hours after application.

I'm as far removed from a skin or skin care expert but I do think Rosehip Oil is too good to skip. I accredit Rosehip oil from allowing my once acne prone skin to survive a fairly large and prolonged period of cystic blemishes, pretty much unscathed in terms of scarring. It also prevented my skin from completely drying out to medication without further irritating my skin. Essentially if you want a natural, anti-ageing, restorative and protective skin care addition Rosehip Oil should be top of your list. I will never be without a bottle again!

I personally use Trilogy Rosehip (£16.50) as it is 100% natural and organic but there are plenty of Rosehip options out there.