The Library of Fragrance

Admit it the world of fragrance can be a little dull and dare I say it predictable? Every now and then perhaps you crave something a little more original, outlandish or even custom? The Library of Fragrance (Demeter Fragrance out with the UK) all of the above for just £15 a bottle - they are the dream makers of the scent world; if you can think it, chances is they offer it in fragrance form.

Dirt, Fiery Curry, Pizza (yes really) and even Play-Doh (again really) are all scent offerings within The Library of Fragrance. Unusual notes may be what grabs your attention but that is not the be all and end all of this brand, more traditional scents such as Daisy, Peony and Musk are also available for the same price tag. 

The idea is that each The Library of Fragrance scent is a liner fragrance - no top, middle or base notes, what you smell when you first test it is exactly how it will translate onto the skin and wear. Personally I like to treat each cologne as a single note, allowing me to add depth to other scents (Leather and Black Pepper are great for adding a masculine/roughed edge to light florals) or of course create a completely custom blend by selecting a few individual colognes (Daisy, Daffodil and Grass works particularly well). As they are colognes they are not overly strong meaning you can layer on as many or as little options within the line up, free of fear from over doing it.

I have a friend who suffers terribly from migraines some of which can be induced by strong scent and this is the only line of fragrance that seems to work for her, as my Mother who has asthma. If you suffer from either this could well be just what you are looking for - I do of course recommend trying in store before purchasing in either case just to be safe.

If ordinary perfume is no longer cutting it for you and you long for something a little different The Library of Fragrance is your answer. I can almost guarantee that even the most fickle fragrance fan will find something to suit their needs.

You can shop selected The Library of Fragrance colognes via Boots - link or the entire UK line up direct from the site - link for £15 each.

This post contains press samples.