Two Vichy Sun Must Haves

The last thing I want to do when it comes to sun protection is lug around numerous bottles, I tend to over pack at the best of times but do we really need seven bottles of SPF? In short no, I like to slap on a high factor and stick to it - gone are my days of gradually lowering my SPF count for a deeper tan. With amazing self tanners out there I'd rather fake it than bake it, I want to keep my skin looking and feeling as young as possible, for as long as possible. Be it in the UK or abroad if I am exposing skin you can bet I have a high factor SPF on, if you are looking for great do it all sun protection then I have two Vichy recommendations that will cover all bases and ages.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Face & Body Milk 300ml SPF50 £12.37 via Boots
Not only is this a super sized bottle at 300ml that will last you and others if needed for a long while but it has been created to be used on both the face and body, I have SPF 50 but it is also available in SPF30. The light milky texture has been formulated so that it not only protects the skin but does not clog the pores, even with regular use this sunscreen will not cause the skin on the face or body to break out. It is quickly absorbed, leaves no white traces, is non-greasy and gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive and delicate of skin types - that includes babies. It offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays, is quick and easy to apply and although a large bottle it is all you will need to keep yourself and perhaps your family safe in the sun. I can not recommend it enough, why pack two bottles of sunscreen when one is suitable for both the body and face.

Two Vichy Sun Must Haves
Two Vichy Sun Must Haves

Vichy Ideal Soleil BB Cream SPF50+ 50ml £11.62 via Boots
Once the sun is shining most of us shun heavy bases in favour of something lighter; if like myself you don't allow your face to tan or you simply want to add a little warmth to your skin, then Vichy Ideal Soleil BB Cream SPF50+  is the product for you. This creamy yet light BB cream, offers light to medium dewy coverage and gently tints the skin, thanks to the olive brown hue. In the bottle it may seem a little too deep for some skin tones but unless you are extremely fair in complexion it does somewhat adjust to suit your needs. It enhances and illuminates the skin, has been enriched with Mexoryl XL to not only protect against sun damage but also brown spots and premature ageingVichy Ideal Soleil BB Cream SPF50+ 50ml has been enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which allows the cream to quickly melt into the skin, hydrate and give the illusion of plump skin. I can almost bet this will be a summer staple for many - the texture, the finish and the high SPF factor make it a no brainer for me.

Who knows, maybe 2015 will be the year we all pack lightly?

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