Skin Saving Tips

My skin woes are well documented, a recent bout of adult acne not only knocked me for six but encouraged me to pull up my socks and alter my skin care routine and lifestyle. Some changes have been easier than others but all are completely doable and manageable. I am no skin care expert but here is what has helped my acne prone complexion...

- Change your pillowcase nightly - yes it is the last thing you want to do after a busy day but I credit for helping to reduce the level of blemishes on my cheeks. When you think about it makes sense; as you sleep you perspire which will undoubtedly shift onto your pillow, bacteria breeds which will then be transferred back onto your skin, resulting in trapped oil within the pores and then a blemish. If you have oily skin I can not recommend trying this out enough.

- Wash your make-up brushes - a lot like above without regular cleansing: oil, dirt and general grime can become trapped on make-up brushes encouraging bacteria to breed. As this is the last thing anyone wants, regular washing is the way forward; be it deep cleansing or a quick spot clean, that extra five minutes could result in a change in your skin for the better.

- Clean cloths - ensure that every time you remove your make-up or simply wash your face with a cloth of any type confirm that it is clean. Do not reuse the same cloth several times throughout the day and wash the cloth thoroughly after each use. I tend to save up my used facial cloths throughout the week and bung them in the washing machine - quick, easy and hygienic. I don't purchase any fancy facial cloths rather I bulk buy them from Mothercare (these exact ones), yes really.

Water with Lemon we all know that drinking water is important not only for the skin but the entire body, go one step further and add lemons if you are having a tough time with your skin. Lemons are high in vitamin c which can help the skin to heal and prevent scarring. It also can help reduce inflammation, not only internally but externally too - making it great for those like myself who suffer from cystic acne. I also find by adding the lemons I am more inclined to drink water over fruit juice etc.

- Water based moisturisers - a few days ago I was recommended by a Dermatologist to seek out water based skin care products, particularly moisturisers. Avene is a great brand for such needs, according to my Dermatologist the most important element is to ensure it is an oil free formula, which many are.

- Saw Palmetto - refusing to take any more antibiotics and a little wary of Roaccutane, my Dermatologist suggested that perhaps a more herbal route would be a good solution. I must stress that before embarking on any new supplement you should sit down and consult with your doctor. Is Saw Palmetto the miracle cure for all my skin woes? No but I highly doubt anything ever will be, what I can say is that I am in a better place - my skin is far less blemished and I don't have to suffer from the side effects of antibiotics. Again if in a similar position to myself please consult your doctor before heading to Holland and Barrett!