Benefit Personalised Hoola Powder

Last year I very kindly gifted the above personalised Benefit Hoola powder - a product I have treasured since the day it landed on my lap. Say what you will but there is something rather wonderful about having a product that is truly yours - be it stamped with your initials, family crest or full name. Personalisation makes us all feel that little more special and I think it something we all secretly (or not so in my case) enjoy - I spent the best part of last year searching high and low for a Coke bottle with my name on it. Then Irn-Bru launched their own campaign based on Clan tartan's - as someone who doesn't have a Scottish surname I really do not know why I wasted my time. The moral of the story is I enjoy things bedazzled with my name and fizzy drinks - some may say a little too much.

The good news is that Benefit now offer personalised Hoola powders via their online store for £28.50 (£5 more than the original). Yes it does take up to three weeks to arrive but I think it is worth the wait for that little added extra touch. I also think it would a wonderful gift for a loved one or of course yourself, one thing that is for sure is that it will be well received. I have recently learned that Benefit Hoola is the UK's number one selling bronzer and I can see why - it the perfect contour shade yet doubles up as your typical bronzer to warm and sculpt the skin. If you have yet to try it out for yourself now is the time, treat yourself to one with your name on both it and the cute little brush inside.

You can order your personalised Benefit Hoola Powder here for £28.50 - link.

This post contains a press sample.