Saturday, March 21, 2015

Voluspa Maison Jardin Collection

Voluspa Maison Jardin Collection

You may not be aware of Voluspa candles but trust me this is one brand you will want to become familiar with. From celebrity fans such as Selena Gomez to wonderful scents and packaging, all at a great price I am more than certain you will become hooked from first try. My personal favourite is of course Voluspa Suede Blanc - a soft, leathery and somewhat masculine scent but I was keen to try out a few other fragrances too. Life would be boring without variety after all.

With Spring now in Bloom I opted for two bright, floral, bright and somewhat fruity scents from the Voluspa Maison Jardin Collection to brighten up my lounge a little. Have you ever meet someone so committed to candles as myself? Probably not and chances are you haven't meet me either ha! Anyway I choose Voulspa Linden & Dark Moss (£13-£35) which admittedly doesn't sound all that airy or Spring appropriate but trust me it is just that - a gentle blend of Linden Branch with watery green notes such as water moss finished with a hint of Tabac. In essence a refreshing aquatic floral with strong green notes - it reminds me a lot of  Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desire Candle only marginally more affordable!

Voluspa Maison Jardin Collection

Admittedly I am not a huge fan of grapefruit scents which will make my Voluspa Yuzu Rose Stone Crop Candle a bizarre choice as one of the main notes is sun ripened Yuzu Grapefruit. Yes it has a light Grapefruit scent but it is not over powering, rather it is balanced out by the additions of dusky rose, white strawberry and lavender notes. It is soft, light, perfectly balanced fruity floral that is the perfect scent to burn throughout the day. If you find that you need a little pick me up throughout the day to rejuvenate then this is the home fragrance for you.

So yes Voluspa are my new candle brand of choice but then again you most likely guessed that!

You can purchase Voluspa Candles directly from Voluspa within the UK with free p&p.

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  2. Great Post !
    I've only ever tried BBW candles, maybe I will get a hold of these ones

  3. I'm still searching for the ideal scent. My hubby is kind of picky but these look Nice.


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