Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask

Clay masks are everywhere, they all promise to deeply cleanse the skin and re-balance the complexion but just how many fully deliver? Honestly, very few - I have bought expensive clay masks, middle range versions and those of the bargain variety - no leaf left unturned. Essentially what I have learnt along the way is that price doesn't always factor into quality. Take today's little gem - Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask £6.99 from Boots, their own in house range no less and easily one of if not the best clay based masks I have ever slathered onto my face.

Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask has been formulated to absorb excess oil, draw out impurities both of which just about every clay mask does, without stripping the skin making it ideal for all skin types (this is aimed at oily/blemish prone skin but is gentle enough for dry/sensitive types too). As mentioned I have tried several clay face masks in the past, this is the first one in which you can actually see the tiny beads of oil trapped into the dried out mask - as fascinating as it is gross! What sets the Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask aside from the rest is the fact that it contains Willowbark, this is renowned for naturally clarifying the skin - it is a natural source of salicylic acid which can help to refine the complexions texture. It gently removes any trapped dirt, make-up and/or toxins trapped within the pores, leaving your skin feeling softer and looking clearer from the first use. Such ingredient can and will target any existing blemishes, encouraging them to heal a little quicker than the would naturally. The scent, texture and results truly does echo that of a Spa treatment and that is not an exaggeration.

Sure it is messy both in application and when drying out but nothing so far no other mask has rivalled the Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask in terms of oil control nor cleansing powder. From the first application my skin instantly looked clearer (most notably my enlarged pores), softer to the touch and instantly re-balance in terms of condition. The oil control from one use seemingly lasted for a full twenty four hours which is a first. If oil, blemishes and congested skin happen to be concerns of yours this should be your next purchase when you pop into Boots.

Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask £6.99 via Boots - link.