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Shearer Candles Couture Collection

Shearer Candles Couture Collection

The last thing I need is another candle but when a home grown company comes along and knocks my socks off, I simply can't not share or spread the word. Let me introduce to you a candle brand that you may not be all that aware of - Shearer Candles. A Glasgow based candle company that has been around since 1897 - a family business that scents many a home, hotel and business not just in Scotland but worldwide. Affordable, made with great ingredients and with a wide variety of scents it is easy to see why many of my friends have recommend Shearer Candles to me. Rather cleverly the brand have just launched their Couture Collection which offers the best of both Spring and Winter scents in different sizes but in one place. I was kindly gifted a few to try out...

Shearer Candles Couture Collection

Persian Lime from £4
"An effervescent citrus fragrance opening with fresh Persian lime and zesty sweet grapefruit."
A beautiful, zesty lime fragrance that smells exactly like freshly cut and squeezed limes, I like that as a scent this has a somewhat cleansing quality. Take for instance the scent of fish - I'm sure it is yummy but the pungent smell doesn't half linger around! Burn Shearer Candles' Persian Lime for a few minutes and the heavy fish aroma is lifted. Speaking of being lifted this is a great mood boosting scent that will help pick up your mood - great for everyday use.

Shearer Candles Couture Collection

"A sweet, juicy, tropical, mouth watering scent that will remind you of summer days."
My absolute favourite, yes this does smell like Watermelon but more of the candied version. If you are familiar with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and adore the slightly bubblegum-esque fragrance this is the candle for you. I am obsessed, it is sweet yet not overly so nor is it obviously synthetic in scent.

Egyptian Cotton from £4
"A smooth, silky floral with notes of rose jasmine and carnations, warmed with a touch of clove."
This is the most generic out of the bunch which I don't necessarily think has to be a bad thing. Most candle/home fragrance brands offer a clean cotton scent and this is Shearer Candles. Crisp, clean and inoffensive - it is the type of fragrance you can have burning in the background in any situation. It reminds me a lot of fabric softer which again is not a complaint.

Shearer Candles Couture Collection

"A heavenly scent of warm baked coconut infused with hints of vanilla pod."
A beautiful creamy, clean, crisp and somewhat dreamy scent that reminds me a lot of sun tan lotion and the summer months in general, It is care free, gentle and perfect for chilling out with any time of the day. The vanilla and coconut complement one and other so well - you;d be forgiven for assuming that this would be overly sweet when in fact it is the opposite. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this blend.

"A heady floral heart of tuberose with top notes of violet and amber. "
The strongest scent of the bunch and the one I feel will divide most - you'll either love or hate this blend. To me it is very reminiscent of Thierry Mugler's Angel Eau de Perfume and as that does not come in candle form this is the next best thing!

All of the above offer a great scent throw, with Amber and Rose being the strongest and Egyptian Cotton the weakest. The burn cleanly, the scents are a nice break from the norm and in general they are a joy to use. I can not recommend enough!

You can shop the entire Shearer Candles line up here - link.

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  1. These look adorable and I bet they smell amazing as well =]

  2. This candles looks so so cute ! Your post came just in time because i was looking for good affordable candles for long time ^_^

    xoxo Afrodite ~ BubblyBeauty135


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