Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms

New Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms

I'm sure it has been drilled into you that the hands are one of the first areas to prematurely age due to constant exposure to the elements. I try my utmost to regularly apply hand cream but admittedly it is easy to forget not to mention less than ideal when you are working due to the slippery texture. If that is an all to familiar problem then perhaps you will be interested to learn that Roger & Gallet have just launched two non-greasy, non-slippery yet utterly moisturising hand and nail balms.

New Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms

There are two fragrances to choose from within the new Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms: Bienfaits which is a light, fruity and somewhat berry based scent and the cult favourite which of course is Fleur de Figuier - a truly uplifting fig based scent. If you are blind buying and unsure of which to go for I recommend Bienfaits as it is the lightest of the two and the least detectable and it is enriched with antioxidant properties in addition to the four main active ingredients.

New Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms

So not only are the new Roger and Gallet hand balms wax based so that they are matte, non-slippery yet cocoon the skin in moisture they also include: Glycerine to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin, Shea Butter which we all know not only hydrates but also protects the skin, Aloe Vera to soothe and heal uncomfortable dried out hands and lastly Apricot Kernal Oil to soften both the hands and nails. A stellar line up of ingredients for a £6 hand cream wouldn't you agree?

The selling point of the new Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms is of course the matte texture which is due to wax, don't let that put you off on the hands they feel beautifully soft, leave the hands both comfortable and hydrated yet allow you to grip a pen/mug/what have you with ease. So simple yet so clever.

New Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms £6 each via Feel Unique - link

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  1. Love the sound of these! My hands are so rough and dry at the minute and so many people tell me to moisturise more, but I can't. Working in a warehouse my hands would attract so much dust! I've used waxy moisturisers before and they're always a winner.

  2. This sounds so lovely! I tend to get lazy to use hand cream because I need to wait for a few minutes before I could use my hands again, otherwise it's so slippery

  3. ooooooh these sound gorgeous! and at a good price too! love to try these :)

  4. Ermmm.... I did not know that ! Pass the handcream !

    Love that these are non-greasy, its one of the big things that stop me using hand cream as often as I should. These need to be purchased.

    Petite Pomme


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