Friday, March 27, 2015

Instant Beauty Fixes

Instant Beauty Fixes

Admit it you are more often than not pushed for time? A lengthy facial when you have a hundred and one other things to do may seem more of a hindrance than a treat, never mind factoring in the cost. Wither it is adding a little radiance to your skin, busting a blemish or preventing the signs of ageing I have collected together my favourite instant beauty fixes - heck some of them you can even pop on while you work!

Instant Beauty Fixes

FaceD Instant Hydrating Anti-Ageing Masks £7.99 - £14.99 for packs of five
(exclusive to Llyods Pharmacy's)

FaceD offer two types of face masks: one for the entire face and one to target the delicate eye area. Both have been formulated with three different types of Hyaluronic Acid to encourage the skin to absorb and retain water. They also contain active ingredients to help brighten the skin and gently reduce signs of skin discolouration be it from environmental damage, stress or the sun. Both types of sheet masks are gentle, free from parabens, perfume and alcohol, deeply hydrating, quick to use (15 minutes is all they require) and leave the skin feeling and looking plumper from the first use. If you choose to use said masks regularly they can help to permanently reduce wrinkles and expression lines - not too shabby for something that you can pick up in your local pharmacy and only requires 15 minutes of your time.

Instant Beauty Fixes

Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers £22 via Space.NK - link.

I hate to liken blemishes to cold sores but every now and then I get a tingly feeling on my face and know that a large, blemish is on its way. Now I carry around the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers for such emergencies, these nifty little patches which contain salicylic acid, P Refinyl, retinol-like Sytenol A and Vitamin C to calm, reduce redness, de-congest and speed up spot recovery and preventing scarring. On the skin these patches are all but invisible so you can pop one on at any time and let it work its magic. The good news is that although they are sticky patches they do not rip or tug at the skin when removing meaning you are less than likely to damage the skin surrounding the blemish. Super clever and a new handbag must have.

Instant Beauty Fixes

Frownies £16.95 via Amazon - link

It has taken me quite a while to get my head around Frownies, initially I wrote them off as nothing more than fancy stickers - which in essence they are but stick with them (terrible pun) and you may be surprised. In a nutshell Frownies stop you from creasing a certain area of your face by holding it taunt, which is what the packaging states in a roundabout way. Some say it is like a non-invasive and natural Botox and with continuous use, it re-trains the way you move your face. Frownies are little brown patches that you place on any area of the face you want to prevent lines from appearing and for best use you are meant to leave one in place for at least three hours. On the skin they feel like pore strips, tight but not too uncomfortable. Out of curiosity I have tested these little patches out for over three months now and have noticed that I naturally frown less, which in turn should mean less lines in the future. Anything that I can sleep in that will help improve my skin in some form or other is always going to get a heads up from me.

Who said beauty is time?

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  1. Will definitely have to give some of these a try! I'm always looking for affordable facial type treatments at home and these sound like they're worth a go x


  2. I really like the sound of frownies!! I'm constantly frowning without realising it, especially when I'm concentrating on writing a blog post so these sound perfect! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  3. I really have such bad frown lines, not even kidding my forehead is big in my opinion and my frown lines make it look worse! I really want to try those! xx

    That Girl Rhianna

  4. i frown all the time when i dont have my glasses on and i can feel myself frowning when im about to go to sleep so i love the idea of those! x


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