Yankee Candle Valentine's Day Collection

Just in time for Valentine's Day Yankee Candle have launched two new and limited edition fragrances: Pink Grapefruit and Red Raspberry. I was kindly sent a medium jar of Yankee's Red Raspberry Candle to burn - it is the closest thing I will get to a Valentine's gift this year. Single fo' life. One the plus side I am right on track for becoming a living version of the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons before I hit thirty. Life goals.

"Tangy sweet and full of nature’s goodness...there is nothing quite as delicious as ripe, rosy red raspberries."

Enough about my non-existent love life and more on the deliciousness that is Yankee Red Raspberry. A bright, juicy, uplifting and fairly true to live Raspberry concoction. It truly is delectable and one of those few scents that I doubt I will ever tire of.

Since Google keep ignoring my please for a scratch and sniff facility (I bet they are working on it and don't want to give me a slice of the financial pie) I can only compare this to other Raspberry based fragrances. If you happen to recall and more importantly were a fan of The Body Shop's Early Harvest Raspberry collection then this is the candle you need. That's right I said need! It is eerily similar and the perfect fruity yet not citrus based fragrance for the start of Spring. This is a fairly strong scent, with a great fragrance throw - one to two hours burn time is all I required to fill my home with the sweet, juicy aroma.

Forget that this is aimed at Valentine's Day and snap one up if you like Raspberry and/or true to life fruit based fragrances. This is easily one of my favourite Yankee Candle launches of all time.

Yankee Red Raspberry £6.99 - £17.99 via Yankee Candle - link.

This post contains a press sample.