Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ted Baker Regency Candles

Ted Baker Regency Candles

Not so long ago Ted Baker launched a collection of six home fragrances all of which come in candle or reed diffuser form. All six scents have been inspired by major cities close to Ted Baker's heart, think of it as a postcard of love but far more classier and long lasting.

The six fragrances to choose from are: New York - a blend of Cedarwood and Vanilla, Miami - Passion Fruit and Star Fruit, London - wild Rose and leather, Athens - Fig and Olive Blossom, Sydney - oceanic with a hint of sea salt and lastly Tokyo - Bamboo and Green Tea. Quite an eclectic range of notes wouldn't you agree? The way I see it most will choose their scent either based on their love for one of the cities or purely on the notes. I am the former rather than the latter.

I was kindly gifted Ted Baker Regency Candles in New York and Miami - they only landed on my doorstep this morning but they were far too beautiful not to share immediately. I have yet to burn them (that is my plan for tonight) but I can say that they smell nothing short of wonderful. Ted Baker Miami is fresh and reminiscent of clean cotton, I'd most likely burn this in the warmer weather and see it as a day time choice. Where as New York is more masculine, heedy, strong and slightly musky making it perfect for the evening.

Yes the Ted Baker Regency Candles are pretty pricey at £28 each but they are large in size; not to mention that the porcelain almost vase like casings can be re-purposed, be it to hold brushes, pens, flowers or as a simple decorative vase.

Ted Baker Regency Candles £28 each via Look Fantastic -link.

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  1. I saw them in store and smelt the Miami one - it's gorgeous! The packaging is beautiful too.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  2. These look amazing, I've seen them quickly in John Lewis but never had time to smell them the Sydney scent sounds amazing. Xx

  3. Wow they are so gorgeous! x

    Eva ||

  4. I installed a plugin so I could comment here and on Buy Now, Blog Later. Two hours later, here I am! Set up and ready to go :L

    Anyway, I'm a candle fiend but haven't bought a nice one in a million years. Gonna give these a sniff, if they're stocked here. If I've no joy, I'm gonna default to the Flamingo candles that I saw here a zillion years ago but never got off my bum and bought.

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  7. New York and London sounds so lovely! The packaging is also super adorable and has that vintage looking

  8. The name of the fragrances. Very nice! :D

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Scribbles

  9. These look really lovely and would make a fab gift for your friends and a sneaky one for ourselves xx


  10. These are gorgeous! Can't believe I haven't seen them yet! I love the Miami one, it looks so cute and the scents sound lovely! I want!!
    Emily xxx
    Emily May Designs

  11. Oh wow, these look gorgeous! Could definitely use the packaging to store brushes, etc. after burning the candle! The flamingo one looks particularly lovely!

    Rachel |


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