New Aussie Body Washes

Aussie is a brand most of use will recognise for hair care, namely the cult product that is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner - a firm favourite of mine! With four new options to choose from each of which offer various properties. Think indulgent, beautifully scented body washes that condition the skin without costing the earth and come in huge, great value sized bottles.I was kindly sent two of the new Aussie Body Washes to put to the test and I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised.

New Aussie Body Washes

Aussie Fresh Mate Body Wash from £2.99 via Superdrug - link.

"Fresh out of the shower. The clue is in the name with Aussie Fresh Mate Bodywash: not only will it perk your body up after a night of letting your hair down, but it’ll be your best mate too! What do you mean you can’t be friends with a bottle? Poppycock! (No, it’s not an ingredient). This baby contains Eucalyptus extract, which is great for keeping your skin feeling super cool and squeaky clean. Well, what are friends for?"

A refreshing, mildly scented scented shower gel - think slightly fruity yet not citrus fresh that helps awaken even the sleepiest early riser. The fragrance really comes to live once combined with water making showering a pleasant experience even if you'd rather be back in bed! Aussie Fresh Mate Body Wash lathers up beautiful, cleansing the skin with ease without stripping the skin - it is hydrating enough for even dried out Winter skin. Whether  you are dreaming of sunny climes or have a holiday in the pipe line this is the perfect body wash to make your day brighter. This is one I will stash away for the Summer.

Aussie Shower Smoothie Body Wash from £2.99 via Superdrug - link.

"Take a smoothie into the shower.Are you a smoothie-in-the-morning kind of girl? Then hop (like a kangaroo) into the shower with our new Aussie Shower Smoothie Body Wash. The deliciously creamy, pearlescent pink Macadamia Nut Oil will leave your skin feeling smoother than a finger-click in time with a samba sax solo in a smooth jazz club (no, it doesn’t matter if you hate jazz)."

This smells exactly like the original Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner - a little like bubblegum. Pink, cutesy and addictive. If you are a fan of Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel and can not hold off until the next festive season this should fill the gap nicely. Scent aside this is a gloriously hydrating shower gel, one quick wash leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. For less than £5 I really do think this will be a difficult to beat; wonderfully scented and leaves the skin cocooned in moisture, what is not to like? Speaking of preferences unless it is smooth Jazz I don't understand how anyone can say they dislike Jazz music.

Aussie are one step closer to dominate showers all over the UK!

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