Lush Kerbside Violet Gorilla Perfume

Real talk - I am not a huge fan of Lush Gorilla Perfume's I find them a little too heedy and grown up for my slightly adolescent fragrance taste. I was kindly sent an assortment of the new Lush Gorilla Perfume Volume 3 scents to try out and from the get go I knew Lush Kerbside Violet would be my favourite. Rather than publishing a review there and then I wanted to take a few days to see how well it wore on my skin and if it would fall out of favour...I am very fickle.

"Cycling home from work, Mark (as in Constantine co-founder of Lush) often spots violets growing through cracks in pavements and kerbs and jumps off his bike for a quick smell. Kerbside Violet is a rebirth, influenced by chance encounters on the street that spark a fleeting interest that just as quickly disappears around the corner. It's a reminder to look out for the tiny revolution growing through the cracks of a concrete jungle near you"

It pretty much goes without saying that Lush Kerbside Violet is a floral, a bright and robust floral that does lean a little sweet. The main note is of course Sweet Violet which comes through loud and clear, this is somewhat mellowed out by the white floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang. In a round about way I saying this is a violet scent and an intense one at that. If you are a fan of Marc Jacobs Daisy and Tom Ford Violet Blonde this is one to seek out as it is very similar only far more affordable. Being a strong scent it lingers on the skin all day long and unlike other violet fragrances it doesn't dry down to a musky, powder scent by the end of the day. It starts of crisp, slightly sweet and stays that way for the entire day. Like I said in my initial post this is Parma Violet sweets amped up and I can't get enough. A great Spring/Summer scent that sound appeal to the masses!

Lush Kerbside Violet £9-£36 via Lush - link.

This post contains a press sample.