Thursday, February 26, 2015

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Re-Visited

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Reviewing new products is wonderful and easily one of my favourite things to do full stop. However I do think it is equally important to revisit products I once raved about and perhaps forgot about along the way to see if they stand the test of time. A somewhat forgotten staple of mine was Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. I was recently sent a tube to try out and as it was just awarded Best Primer within the Instyle Beauty Awards 2015 I was keen to see if it still lived up to expectations.

When it comes to primers I rely on a formula that will not only grip onto my foundation, prolong the wear time of any base applied on top but also create a flawless canvas and control oil; if it can blur imperfections that also wouldn't go a miss. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer doesn't quite hide my enlarged pores but then again very little does, what it does do it evens out the skin before you apply your base, prolongs foundation wear time and to some extent it does control excess oil. By that I mean that those with oily skin like myself will still have to give their problem areas a little dusting of powder after around five hours or so of wear. Some primers can be overly matte and that is not what everyone is in the market for. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer will not alter the finish of your foundation but it is one of the few that I find prevents powder products applied on top from becoming too heavy/cakey. It is a great general all round, suit all primer but if you have oily skin be prepared to carry powder around with you - then again most of us with oily skin already do!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

With the warmer weather hopefully on the way the majority of us will be seeking out lighter formulas and this is where this primer slots in nicely. I highly recommend this if you have dry skin as it is hydrating without clogging the pores and does feel refreshing/cooling when you initially apply. It is also great should you have a drier complexion for preventing make-up from clinging to dry areas. For those with oily skin it will not overwhelm the skin even in the balmiest of temperatures. Out of all the primers that I own none feel quite as light, silken or comfortable on the skin as Laura Mercier Foundation Primer does. It is so lightweight almost gel like, so much so that it literally feels like you have nothing on your face and it allows the skin to breathe without altering the finish of your foundation. As an added bonus this primer contains vitamins A, C and E which act as antioxidants to protect the skin from harmful, ageing effects of the environment - great for city living. .As I have previously stated a great all round primer, one to reach for when in doubt and ideal for warmer weather as it not only cools but smooths and prepares the skin for anything applied on top. It is also wonderful applied over the eye lids should you wish to prolong eyeshadow/liner.

In a nutshell I still think this is a wonderful primer :great for everyone, not laden with silicones and a little goes a long way - so much so that I would suggest purchasing the travel sized version over the huge 50ml version.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer £29/50ml via John Lewis - link.

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  1. Definitely going to pick up a travel size version of this to test out in Summer. I'm not a massive fan of silicone-y primers and some have clogged my pores before, so I'm hoping this will be kinder to my skin!

    Kat |

  2. I have a sample of the original primer and it was a life changer. It was amazing enough that I went out and got the travel size of the Radiance one. It feels so amazing on your skin, never thought that one product would help the process of blending your make up out. But this stuff does I also like the fact that it's so light that it does't clog my pours.

  3. This has been on my list for a while - so I'm very glad to read a review of it, especially as I'm running out of my current primer.

  4. That's it - your review had me, I'm going to get this! I've been eye-ing on this for a long time!

  5. This sounds beautiful, I do love LM products, especially the tinted moisturisers!

    Jasmine |

  6. This is such a great primer, but I would never buy! Not because I don't think it is worth it, but because I have 4 of the travel sized versions....and I haven't even finished one yet! Beauty boxes has just went mad with them, I have no doubt I will get another one soon enough.

  7. The day I find a primer that means I don't have to carry around powder is the day pigs fly and I become a millionaire! But this primer still sounds pretty amazing, although I don't think I'd spend that much on primer.

    beth |

  8. perfect post

  9. I love Laura Mercier foundations- but have yet to try their primer. I'll have to give it a go one day! Right now my current primer favorite is by Cover FX!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  10. I always hear such amazing things about Laura Mercier primers, but my skin can turn from combination to oily-blemish-prone at a moments notice, so I am forever on the search for one aimed at oily skin.

  11. I always hear the best about this primer ! I have olily skin so i'm not sure if this wwill work for me but maybe i should try it out to see how it will go ^_^


  12. I am always thrilled when a little goes a long way with primers. While they are an important step, it feels bad to make your way quickly through a tube of clear, expensive gel.

  13. Thank you for the review - I have combo skin so it might just do the trick but the Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser might be my next purchase from Laura Mercier

    Lauren x
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