Yankee Christmas Eve Candle

I was going to post about my Yankee Christmas Eve Candle on Christmas Eve so that it would be fitting to the date. Then I thought to myself that wouldn't at all be fair as this could be just what some are looking for be it to kick start a new tradition or simply to fill a Christmas candle shaped gap. Yes I realise what I have just wrote. I do warn you now that should you like the sound of the candle that you will have to move quickly - it is one of those scents that sells out quickly. Online at the moment I can only source the medium sized jar but can vouch that I found several large jars in my local Yankee store (St.Enoch centre if you are also from Glasgow).

"Traditional Christmas scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits."
Out of all the Yankee candles I own and let me tell you that is a vast line up, this has to be one of the trickiest to evaluate - it is both fruity yet sweet in an artificial sense and somewhat reminds me of boiled candy sweets. It is rich, warming and does fill the room with a scent that will transport you back to childhood and the excitement of Christmas day. It manages to encapsulate all connotations of the term sweet - including endearing and really is the perfect choice to light in the run up to Christmas Eve to tap into that giddy childish excitement the majority of us have.

If I had kids (news flash I don't) this is the candle I would purchase along with an Elf on the Shelf and a Pickle bauble to start new festive traditions. As you can see I have bought the largish size of the Yankee Christmas Eve my plans are to light it tonight and all the way up to Christmas Eve for a few hours - a little like an advent calender of sorts.Last year I bought this candle for the first time and finished it completely which is very rare for me. My second Yankee Christmas Eve candle was only purchased two days ago but as soon as I opened the lid it reminded me of last year and all the hilarity that was Christmas day. That can't be a bad thing surely?It is always nice to start new traditions isn't it?

Yankee Christmas Eve Candle £16.99 via Yankee Candle - link.