Weekly Favourites #61

Apologies that my blog has been all over the place in the last week, I was summoned for jury duty (I wasn't picked so I'm not breaking any rules disclosing that) and as a result I haven't been able to type up posts or photograph products. Now that it is over I have a week of catching up to do which includes more emails than I know what to do with as well as content, expect things to be back to normal commencing tomorrow. Anyway on to what I have been enjoying...

I have been struggling nodding off to sleep and have spent many an evening listening to podcasts which isn't something I thought I'd ever get into but here we are. The only product that I find helps is Avon Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist which I have mentioned many a time, it is quite a strong scent but it definitely helps me to unwind and relax. I can't recommend it enough.

Much like last week my skin is still very much dehydrated and blemish prone so my go to duo has been: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing (it kills me spelling moisturising with a 'z') Lotion + and Heal Gel Intensive. The Clinique moisturiser is light yet deeply nourishing without being overwhelming nor greasy and Heal Gel Intensive aids not just the healing of any blemishes but prevents scarring too.

Concealer has been a must, I have super dark circles from lack of sleep and as mentioned a rather blemished complexion at the moment. My go to is Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer which is fairly difficult to source in the UK but worth the effort. It is the definition of full coverage, doesn't cake and is a great all round concealer. It also doesn't hurt that a little goes a long way so one tube lasts for months on end.

Weekly Favourites #61

On my lips it has mainly been a quick slick of lip balm (at the moment it is a case of if it is in my pocket it goes on my lips, that is how organised I am ha!) or Rodial Glamstick in Thrill. Admittedly this is not a shade I would seek out on a counter but once applied to the lips it is really pretty. Thrill is a deep, golden, glossy nude that adds a slick of colour as well as hydration. Great for the colder weather.

Lastly a quick shout out to Nails Inc Baker Street Nail Polish, my favourite nail polish EVER - formula aside. If you are on the fence about blue nail polish for any reason, please try this shade out at some point, it has the power to convert. In terms of perfume and totally out of character for me, I have been practising a less is more approach with Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black for Her in rollerball form. For once I am wearing perfume just for me and not the full train. You are welcome Glasgow.

What have you been enjoying lately?