Something I write a lot about is oils for both the face and body, as a result it is one of the subjects I am most questioned about. With the UK firmly within the Winter season you may be on the look out for a do it all oil? One you can use on both the face and body, one that offers more than just extra hydration? One that doesn't cost the earth? If so may I direct you in the direction of Bio-Oil.

Bio-Oil as many will know is a dry oil which essentially means it applies like a slightly greasy liquid but as soon as you begin to massage in into the sky it quickly absorbs without any trace of residue which is simply brilliant for all those like myself who aren't the biggest fans of oil products. According to the Bio-Oil site Bio-Oil can be best described as - "a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy".

As a child I can recall my mother relying on Bio-Oil to help keep stretch marks at bay while pregnant (I'm one of seven children and my mum has minimal stretch marks and she did have a set of twins) and to fade existing stretch marks. As a teenager I used it on my hips and breasts to prevent stretch marks and somewhat became accustom to having the light peach tinted oil in my routine.  Stretch marks aside I tend to add a few drops to my body lotion/body cream as it makes application easier, increases the overall moisture levels of said body product and makes the oil go further. You can also mix a little into your night or day cream to make your facial moisturiser work that little harder. If you aren't adverse to facial oil and have exceptionally dry skin you may want to use this as a stand alone facial moisturiser?

 A few years ago I read more into Bio-Oil and learnt that it is great at fading scars which I have several of thanks to acne. As a test I began applying Bio-Oil to my shoulders and back where red, angry looking scars resided thanks to said acne. I was pretty vigilant applying daily and within three months said scarring was all but gone. I guess I was pretty lucky as the scars were fairly. fresh. Urged on by the success I began dabbing the Bio-Oil on some older scarring on my face, rather than slathering all over my face I dabbed on directly to the offending area using a cotton bud. I will be honest in saying that it is yet to be as successful as the scarring on my back in terms of fading but there is definitely a major improvement. It is only fair that I mention my acne scarring on my face is much older so perhaps a time span of six months is more par for course. I will stick with it for now (I'm just shy of three months of testing) and report back in the new year.

The oil itself if fairly thick and without sounding dense very oily in texture, yes it is a dry oil of sorts but until absorbed by the skin it can feel a little heavy. A little goes a long, long way as a heads up! Scent wise there is not much to really say it is quite floral thanks to the additions of Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oil which is pleasant enough. As well as being probably the best budget product for fading scars and stretch marks Bio-Oil is highly moisturising, if you have dry skin you can try adding a drop or two to your usual moisturiser for a quick hydration boost or for a quick and easy fix for dry skin on the body add to a warm bath. Really it's up to you how you use it but at the moment I have been simply applying Bio-Oil to the scarring on my shoulders after bathing and massaging in. Over the space of a month I have noticed that my scars have went from a bright, angry red to a paler pink that is still somewhat noticeable but still quite an improvement. I do have a long way to go but feel positive that come June/July the scarring should be faint and ready to be bared come the warmer weather for less than £10 I can not rate it highly enough.

Bio-Oil £8.99-£19.99 via Boots - link.