Thursday, December 04, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

I'm not sure just how crass it is to publish what you have popped on to your Christmas list but as I am a nosy person I rather enjoy reading this type of post, especially when I need a little inspiration. Anyway here is what I am wishing for...

1, I have bought the odd Charlotte Tilbury make-up piece here and there but made no real commitment. Topping my list is the Charlotte Tilbury Ingénue kit which has been inspired by Mia Farrow, Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung. It contains seven products all of which I rather fancy trying out. At £135 I will just have to hope that Santa is feel extra generous. Find it here via Net-a-Porter - link.

2, Get ready to judge me but one of my favourite scents is books - yes books. I realise that is an odd statement to make but it is true. I also rather like the scent of leather. The scent description of Byredo's 'Bibliothèque' candle sounds to be right up my street - "crafted with top notes of Peach and Plum, interspersed with Violet, Leather and Vanilla - the result is a wonderfully rich scent, reminiscent of ancient wood-panelled libraries." Yes please. You can find it here via Net-a-Porter for £50 - link.

3, Zoeva are my break through brand of 2014, I am utterly obsessed with their make-up and brushes. The quality is insane and the price points are really great too. I wouldn't mind owning the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush set. You can find it here for £56.95 - link.

4, Another candle? What can I say I am obsessed! Tocca is a brand I am not all that familiar with but after reading the scent description for the Meribel Candela by Tocca I was sold on the spot. "TOCCA's limited edition Holiday Candela is meant to evoke the rich aroma of vanilla and fig as experienced in the French Alps." Divine and isn't the actual candle a thing of beauty? You can find it via Space.NK for £38 - link.

5, I also rather fancy a Tocca fragrance, I adore perfume in general and like to try out lesser known and spoke about brands so Tocca Lilana has some what captured my imagination "A lush, green, rolling lawn is the setting for a roaring 20s party in full swing. Liliana conjures a reveller in the bloom of youth dancing the Charleston amidst flowing bottles of champagne and a spirited jazz band. The lowering sun casts a golden sparkle as an intoxicating bouquet of muguet, gardenia and peony wafts from the gardens, filling the night with joie de vivre." Doesn't that sound spectacular? You can find it via Space.NK for £54 - link.

6, I have openly spoken about my love for Jennifer Aniston's hair and when I heard that she was the face and somewhat inspiration behind the brand Living Proof hair care a million alarm bells went off in my head. I'm fairly fussy when it comes to hair care so rather than splurging on full sized bottles that may not be ideal for my hair type, I think I'd rather try the Living Proof Restore Discovery Kit. At £25 for three fairly small sized bottles it better blow my expectations out the water! You can find it here via Space.NK - link.

What is topping your list this year?

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  1. The Zoeva rose gold brushes are at the top of my wish list too! They're so stunning! And the Bibliotheque candle actually sounds amazing to me too, as I love the smell of books as well :)

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  2. Ooh what a fabulous list! The Zoeva brushes are top of my wish list too, but sold out here, do you know where else I can get them?

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  3. The Zoeva rose gold makeup brushes are top of my list too! Such good value and pretty too..wonder if Santa knows how good I've been..

    Paula ♥ | xo

  4. oooo I have never thought of doing a post on my own personal wish list, I just keep doing posts on suggestions for others.. what a fab idea. The Tilbury set looks amazing and the Tocca Perfume reminds me of SpaceNK. I had three of these at one point, they have the best packaging!!

    Zoe Newlove | Beauty Blogger & MUA

  5. i love all charlotte tilbury products-- you won't be disappointed!

  6. I really want some Zoeva brushes! x

  7. Can I just have everything off your Xmas List! The brushes are beautiful & I really want the CT makeup set. Its so beautiful

  8. I'd like one of everything please ;) I really love the look of the Charlotte Tilbury set, it seems to have one of everything I want!


  9. I love these type posts because they give me inspiration. The Zoeva brushes keeps popping up everywhere on blogs, they do look amazing x

  10. Great picks! I am lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury sets too xx

  11. I near drool every time I see one of the Charlotte Tilbury gift sets. They are beyond stunning.

  12. Gorgeous choices! Cannot wait till christmas!

  13. I really want the Zoeva brushes, they are so beautiful.



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