Handbag Heroes 101

Like most I am sure we are all aiming to be more organised and what better place to start than your handbag. I believe in being prepared for just about every occasion and with that in mind I have gathered together my day to day necessities in the hope that I can spur some on with being a little more formulated for the year ahead.

Hand Sanitizer - Yes I am a slight germaphobe but I really do believe that everyone should have a bottle on their person at all times, especially if you use public transport or live/work in the city. Think about how often you touch various surfaces and then your face and then imagine how many other people have touched said surfaces before you? Yuck. Keep your hands clean people that's all I'm saying.

Facial Wipes - When it comes to wipes I am not fussy as I seldom use them on my face, they are merely in my handbag for just in case occasions aka being caught in the rain with smudged mascara. I also use them with antibacterial hand gel to wipe down surfaces if needed.

Deodorant - A small roll on or spray deodorant always comes in handy especially in the warmer weather. No-one wants to be sweaty or smelly do they? I jest but I think we all like to feel fresh and in my opinion deodorant is a quick and easy way to do so.

Small Bottle of Perfume - I like to pop a sample or rollerball perfume in my bag (Sephora is the best place to stock up) for a little fragrance pick me up every now and then. If like myself you cart around a sizeable handbag you may find the likes of a Travalo (fragrance atomiser that you fill with your favourite fragrance) a good investment.

Hair Ties - Admittedly if you have short hair then there is no need to stash away a few hair bands in the bottom of your bag but those with longer hair will agree that you can never find a hair tie when you need it. Personally I feel lost without a hair band or two, lord knows a top knot hides a multitude of hair sins aka windswept and interesting.

Kirby Grips - Growing out a fringe or layers? A stray piece of hair that won't lay flat no matter what you do? Kirby grips to the rescue. Much like hair ties you can never find a kirby grip when you most need one, so keep a few in the bottom of your handbag and you'll forever feel smug, I know I do ha!

A hair brush - Typically I have a mini Tangle Teezer at the bottom of my bag but annoyingly I have misplaced mine and have not got around to re-ordering one. For the moment I have a cheap and cheerful, fold away brush which actually kills two birds with one stone - it contains a mirror which always comes in handy more often than not.

Lip Balm - I think the vast majority of us consider a lip balm a staple product - one to keep lips moisturised and keep chapped lips at bay. Although not photographed I do also like to keep a tube of Blistex Relief Cream in my handbag as it helps heal any chapped skin around the mouth and on the lips. I also have a friend who swears it heals cold sores, I don't suffer from them personally but perhaps something to keep in mind?

Now if only I could vow to gather together all the above essentials and pop them into a make-up bag or such, then I'd really be organised!