Five Brands to Watch in 2015

I've said it before and I'll say it again, 2015 is going to be one heck of a wonderful year for beauty junkies. Already established brands seem to be stepping up their game and lesser known companies are gearing up to knock our socks off with wonderful new launches and concepts. Below is my pick of five brands to bookmark...

Make Up Forever UK - Not a new brand and one many will be familiar with but at long last it is hitting the UK with Debenhams set to be the official stockist this coming Spring. Words can not express how happy I am, I swear by many Make Up Forever products but hold off featuring them as I know how difficult the brand is to track down in the UK. Well all that is set to change, expect an explosion of Make Up Forever in the UK posts come March be lots of very excited bloggers.

Zoeva - In my opinion a brand often overlooked but one everyone should take notice of! Zoeva brushes are phenomenal, so well made and priced so that they are affordable yet not overly cheap. Most will be aware of Zoeva brushes but please make 2015 the year in which you try the brands make-up, I can not recommend it enough. The lipsticks are creamy, well pigmented and comfortable where as the powder products are soft, beyond colour saturated and a dream to blend. I'll happily say it now 2015 is Zoeva's year.

Grown Alchemist - An organic brand founded by two Australian brothers Keston and Jeremy Mujis, highest-quality. Each item within the line which covers hair, body and skin care has been created using their understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolism for a completely new take on self care. Forgive me for saying that this is an achingly cool brand and one that I have confidence will make its way into many skin care routines in the coming year.

Julie Hewett - You may not be aware of Julie Hewett but she is big news in Hollywood and is a stellar make-up artist within the celebrity world. Cult Beauty have perfectly summed up her make-up line "The idea for her own make up line was born on the set of ‘Pearl Harbour’ when she noticed a distinct lack of true ‘beauty classics’. She was determined not to make up every actress with the same red lipstick, so started swatching different colours to create bespoke shades and textures to reflect the individuality of each woman. Her goal was to translate the durability and wearability of these high-performance, professional products to the consumer, and create a capsule collection of glamourous-yet-wearable make up essentials, to enable every woman to feel good and look gorgeous." There is something rather trustworthy about her approach and it is a make-up line I am keen to read/learn more about.

Spectrum Brushes - In a word of very samey make-up brushes there is Spectrum Brushes, well made and beautifully designed brushes that stand out in a crowd. Think pretty pink handles with almost neon blue bristles. Yes now I have your attention! What is also wonderful is that there is a brush for every product be it cream, liquid or powder all of which are vegan friendly and cruelty free. With the average price of a brush less than £10 you can afford to add a few to your collection and the good news is that they ship worldwide!

Would you add any others to this list?