Thursday, December 11, 2014

Arran Aromatics Love Christmas Mandarin and Petitgrain Festive Candle

Arran Aromatics Love Christmas Mandarin and Petitgrain Festive Candle

I write about candles fairly regularly as they are one of my beauty vices, I can't pass a candle stand or shop for that matter without picking up a purchase. It's a real problem but at least on the other hand I can always recommend a good few candles should I need to. A good few readers have emailed, tweeted and left comments in regards to sourcing a festive candle that is not your typical "Christmas" scent. By that I'm guessing no spice notes, no pine and nothing candy cane scented? If so then may I introduce you to Arran Aromatics Love Christmas Mandarin and Petitgrain Festive Candle.

"Surrender to the evocative fragrance of Mandarin and Petitgrain that’s intertwined throughout this Love Christmas candle; enhanced with subtle undertones of cinnamon and dried fruit, enjoy the twinkling flicker of light in the home."
The Arran Aromatics Love Christmas Mandarin and Petitgrain Festive Candle is bright, cheery and somewhat reminds me of Christmas Cake without the spice or heaviness. It is an uplifting citrus scent that is oddly festive and Winter ready without being overly traditional. I will be entirely honest in saying this is a strong fragrance and will more than fill a room without being overpowering. I see this as a great dinner candle, one you could light and leave flickering away in the corner of the room while entertaining or of course one to snuggle up with during a festive TV binge. Either way it is a beautiful scent and one I do recommend, especially since it is currently half price!

Arran Aromatics Love Christmas Mandarin and Petitgrain Festive Candle £7.50 - link.

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  1. I should hire you to buy candles for me because your taste in candles is amazing :)
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  2. I can't pass up candles either, especially high quality ones that smell divine. This looks like it fits the bill. :] // ▲ ▲

  3. This sound perfect!!! Such a good price too :) I'm looking for a festive scent so will have to try!!

    Emma xx

  4. You are a candle lover. Lovely post.....xoxoxo....:)

  5. All these candle posts makes me want to start my own collection

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